Episode 20: Special Guest Maddi Breaks Our Chair

Oh wow, listeners. It’s been 20 episodes already and to celebrate, we invited a special guest into the Zero Credit(s) home to join our close-knit family of love and respect. She then broke our chair, for like, no reason. Come listen to conversations about the secret classist discrimination of furniture, America’s inept and costly prison system, as well as bugs. Also, Maddi really wants pandas to die. It all culminates in our shortest but most earnest “Questions from You with Statements from Us” before Maddi decides to continue her reign of destruction elsewhere. Can the Zero Credit(s) boys band together to stop her ceaseless and wanton carnage?

Link to episode: Episode 20: Special Guest Maddi Breaks Our Chair

This week’s episode does not feature any music by Kevin MacLeod at Incompetech, but we like him all the same, so here’s a shout out to him.