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Episode 34: Good Stretch and Electrifying Content

Listeners, it’s best you strap yourself in twice for this episode, and we don’t mean with the regular standard strength seat belts. We dive straight into questions of the singularity, who owns the rights to say what one can do with one’s body, and the possibility of over-the-counter steroids/hormones. Zero Credit(s) then achieves it’s primary objective before we transform utterly into fanboys for Kari Wahlgren. If you listen to this Kari, you’re awesome and we’re also sorry. If you’re not Kari Wahlgren, what are you waiting for? Start listening.

Link: Episode 34: Good Stretch and Electrifying Content

Featuring “Killers” by Kevin MacLeod at

Episode 33: How to Dispose of Good Podcasts

Oh, dear listener! What a treat awaits! Henry and John are in rare form this night, as they thoroughly flex their ignorance muscles amid a crowd of meticulously fact-checked podcasts. They are generally confused as to how Nepalese people arrive in the United States, but are certain that farts are gross. MYSTERY EMAILER X darkens their doorstep once more to flummox them with unsolvable riddles, and invites them to discuss the nature of riddles. A very dire and well-deserved State of the Human Address targets the narratives that guide us through our lives, and makes a plea for empathy. Finally, they shed all anonymity and enter a post-secrecy world in which their devoted followers are given the credit they deserve. Nothing is hidden, nothing can be the same.

Link: Episode 33: How to Dispose of Good Podcasts

Featuring music by Kevin MacLeod at!

Episode 32: (It’s Dragons)

Special guest Logan joins us in this dangerous episode where the Zero Credit(s) gang converse about improv and the art of cooperative narratives. The episode only gets more dangerous from there, as John and Henry find themselves transported to a world where Logan represents fate, God, or just plain consequences. You’ll have to listen to find out what I mean, dear listener, for this description writer will not spoil what lies in these Dungeons.

Link: Episode 32: (It’s Dragons)

Curse of the Scarab by Kevin MacLeod.

Episode 31: What’s Your Wifi Password, Henry?

Schumacher up some champagne because, Sugar, we’re going down. Down to a new episode of Zero Credit(s). In keeping with the continued efforts to maintain maximum freshness, we have procured a Maddi for your listening pleasure. Join the Crew N’ Frenz as they ask the age-old question: “Sports, What’re You Doin’?” Baseball, water polo, no mysterious sport is safe from our analytical gaze. Did someone say “Fall Out Boy?” Because we sure did! At least 5 times. Pull that train back into Ghostbusters Station for a prolonged conversation about prejudice in comedy! Choo choo! Strap on your unqualified opinion cap and step into a nice, warm pool of podcast.

Link: Episode 31: What’s Your Wifi Password Henry?

Featuring music by Kevin MacLeod at