Monthly Archives: August 2017

Episode 68: Zero Credit(s) Zero Sugar

Tonight we have a nice four course content meal, starting with a nice roasted Taste Testing of Coke’s new product in which Henry and John discover something new about themselves and the world. We then have a tossed Total Solar Eclipse salad, a light shared experience for the whole continent. We then move on to our main course, a char broiled TAYLOR SWIFT IS A SNAKE GODDESS AND WE HAVE THE EVIDENCE TO PROVE IT–WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED, SWIFT, KNOW THIS. And for dessert, a nice chocolate covered revelation about Joss Whedon, still in development but still worth discussing. Wine will be served after each course.* Enjoy your dinner.

*You will have to supply the wine, just pour a new glass when they change topics.

Episode 67: Oh, I Guess We Have to Do a Nazi Episode Now

The staff of the Zero Credit(s) offices would like to inform our listeners that the unthinkable has occurred: Henry and John have had to record an episode denouncing Nazism. One would have seemed wise to assume that there would never be a time in which two amateur podcast hosts would be duty-bound to publicly come out against Nazis. Oh and also murderers. But, like. Here we are now I guess. The boys get pretty political in this episode which, I feel I should remind you, was deemed a necessary medium to convey the message that Nazis and people who murder other people are bad. Just go ahead and pour yourself a drink, listener, because, man, c’mon. Kick your feet up, get comfy, and sink into this relaxing podcast episode which actually had to come out in opposition to Nazis and murderers. This is the new normal.


Episode 66: A Medium Sized Lake of Conspiracies

Listeners, it’s time to join Henry and John on their mission to bring to light information that those who hold the power do not want us to know. The powers that be have information they don’t want to get out, but thanks to our super sleuthing s-hosts, everyone will know that you shouldn’t spoil things if you’re a media journalist. Just don’t do it. Stop. Henry’s uncovered a massive conspiracy the likes of which the world has never seen or heard all revolving around Mick Jagger. But the hits don’t stop coming as John reveals a 17.5% larger conspiracy the likes of which the world has never seen in the time honored segment What Did You Watch. We need to get to the bottom of this, so start at the top and work backwards, it’s Zero Credit(s) time.

Episode 65: Death to Moochy

“Listen. This is a podcast? Who leaked that to you? Let me tell you one thing. I have three to four podcast hosts I’m going to fire tomorrow. I’ll get to the person who leaked that to you. Henry? Henry — if you want to leak something — is going to be asked to resign very soon. I’m not John. I’m not trying to host my own segments. I’m not trying to build my own brand off the strength of the podcast. I’m here to write the descriptions. They’re trying to resist me. I’ve done nothing wrong in my podcast descriptions. The hosts will not defeat me.”