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It’s a root(beer)in’ toot(beer)in’ good time in the Podcrypt this week. In the most non-alcoholic episode in months (years?), John finally tips his hand and reveals that he knows entirely too much about the crowded Democratic presidential candidate field, horrifying Henry and any potential listeners. Henry and John flex their no-credentials muscles by discussing TAX LAW because this show was too listenable apparently. But just you wait little piggies, because it’s all worth it for the end. A journey a decade in the making is coming to an end, and The Boys are going to use their combined years of high level narrative meta-analysis to totally unravel the PATHETICALLY THIN plot of Marble’s Envengers: Andgame. Strap on your Infinity Things, idiots, because this week we’re going to the Universe of Bugs ON ZERO CREDIT(S)!


Episode 132: Starn Wars Rise of the Bad Titles

It’s been five years. The Galactic Order marches on. Rey has been doing push ups for three years straight. Who is Rose? This is the voyage of the J.J. Abraprise. To boldly retread the ground that others have tread so well before. The boys are heading to space to discuss all the fast paced, starkiller based news as Star Wars Celebration 2019 happened last week and boy is twitter a battleground. While fans of the series gathered to share their passions and love for this decades long journey, the twitter trolls crawled out from under their groady wooden bridges to harp on the fact that “literal terrorist” Rian Johnson had already killed the time-honored story and no amount of J.J. could fix what that alleged “non-figurative monster” had done. Rian responded as any ill-acting citizen would, with complete and utter joy and love for the series. So who’s in the right? Is The Last Jedi a good movie? Should we be excited for this poorly named Episode IX? We discuss it all this week, and less! on Zero Credit(s) Podcast.


Also for some reason John decided to play the theme music just like directly over Henry’s joke this week and we’re not sure if it’s an artistic choice or he hated the joke. You decide!

Episode 131: I’m All Out of Urine

Well howdy, stranger. It’s been quite some time since someone visited our lil podcast ranch. Well grab a cup of rye and rest your bones. It’s a hard life out on the trail, no one knows that better than I do. Let me and my horse-rearin’, couch-sittin’ padres spin you a yarn, take your mind off the gila monsters and self-employment. You ever heard of a cowpoke by the name of Lil Nas X? His story is a winding one, full of rustling gatekeepers and intersectionality and TikTok videos. We’ve also picked up a couple tales of this fella named “the Joker,” who everybody seems to care about but for the wrong reasons. Horse tack. Cowboy boots. Et cetera. Giddyapp, Zero Credit(s) doggies.


Episode 130: Post Vacation Land

John’s back from vacation and boy are his arms tired. Where’d he go? He’ll tell you. In fact, he may talk about it for nearly the entire episode. You guys ready to hear about Disney World? Well buckle up, folks, cause that’s what this episode is all about. Also a surprise Supplemental Reading of The Fast and Furious Supercharged Experience ride to round out our favorite series ever, the FFCU SupRed series, which you should total check out if you haven’t already. Henry then rants about the Epic Games Store for 30 minutes past when we should have stopped the recording resulting in super bonus content! Don’t get used to these hour and a half episodes though. Cause we need the space.

It’s all here and more and maybe even a little less in this week’s Zero Credit(s)!