Monthly Archives: May 2017

Episode 58: There’s No Good Name For This One

Listeners, Henry’s been getting headaches every day this week and headaches put Henry in a mental fog. You won’t be able to tell, since he is a performer, after all, but deep down in his head there lies the ebbing of an ache that dulls the senses to anything that’s not a slightly throbbing pain. And John’s here to pick up some of Henry’s slack. So this episode is a bit weird because of that. Renaissance Fairs, Wikipedia Games, Race, we discuss it all. I’m not knocking this episode. It’s the GC Zero Credits content you’ve come to know and enjoy, and there’s always better stuff coming.

Episode 57: Monkey Japes 2017 Special

In their latest bid to obtain magic genie powers, Henry (Dave Schehazared) and John (Florence Grimble) cook up a harebrained new holiday: Monkey Japes. Join them as they tell a series of meaningless lies all in the name of sweet exotic magic. Move over Justin Arbor Day and Mr. Boston Cream Pie Day, these fellas are shakin’ it up. Much like John is shakin’ up his career with supplemental income, and Henry is shakin’ up your mind with invasive thoughts of chronic Lyme disease. Fill your heart with joyous mistruths, this week on Zer… (Action/Adventure, Animated, Brief Nudity, Prolonged Nudity)

Episode 56: Ride the BUS

Woah howdy there, ya’ll, it’s time for the Zero Credit(s) Round Up! All the Gang’s here. Henry. John. The Sexy Executive Officer. We’ve got them all and they’ve got some grand ole fun for you, Dear Listener. It all starts when John explains that life is all just one big drinking game where you have to wager whether your card is black or red. Yep, that’s all life is. End of story. We then briefly reveal where Henry lives to showcase Master Pancake Theatre, but don’t worry about that cause the wild west isn’t nothin’ if it ain’t supportin’ Free Comic Book Day. Before you can even begin to flip that silver dollar to render it worthless by shooting through it, thus demonstrating both your sharpshooting skills and your opinions about centralized, government controlled currency, we’re boot deep in the Great British Bake Off. The calvary’s here and the Zero Credit(s) is as well, it’s high time for some podcast crime. Westerns.

Episode 55: John Lied About Seeing Inception

Zero Credit(s) VR Experience Patch Notes 05/05/2017
– Fixed issue with horses
– Nobility has been reduced
– Added full simulation of cold medicine
– Improved writing of Christopher Nolan
– No longer possible to wiggle and fall through the earth
– Dreams may be closer than they appear
– Removed final rogue podcast
– Removed Marc Maron from simulation
– Fire no longer speaks
– Added civil unrest functionality
– Fixed crash issue when eating at THAT Starbucks. You know the one.
– Added hats