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Featured Art for Part One of Our Supplemental Reading on Zack Snyder's Justice League

Supplemental Reading: Zack Snyder’s Justice League (Part One)

In 2020, a studio made a decision to rectify a mistake they had made in 2017 to return to Justice League and allow director Zack Snyder to finally present his vision for the film. With HBO Max apparently the perfect avenue for this venture, the studio gave Snyder a $70 million budget to recut the film into the original version. What resulted is a four hour long epic of an experience that fully realizes the characters and set pieces introduced in the film with all the Snyder style we’ve come to expect. This Supplemental Reading covers the first three chapters of the film in about just an agonizingly detailed pace as the film itself. Next week, we’ll continue our coverage, so look forward to the exciting conclusion then.

Episode 213 Featured Art

Episode 213: The Ides of Paddy’s Day

In what can only be described as the calm before the Snyder storm, the ZC boys are here to explore Guinness Irish Stout and their mail. That’s right folks, it’s the first ever mail segment here on the show, thanks in part to DrunkTheory (, a friendly podcast exploring conspiracy theories and libations. What are the contents of their mysterious package? Let’s find out. The boys also commend Jade Raymond on the launch of her new studio for Sony and take a walk down memory lane to discover just how good Assassin’s Creed was. John says Mommy Milkers like twice in this episode and Henry has no idea what to do with that information… It’s all here! On Zero Credit(s)! Next week: SYNDER CUT SUPPLEMENTAL READING.

Supplemental Reading: Justice League (2017)

In 2017, a studio had a vision: what if we completely botch a director’s vision by hiring another director to cut out 80% of what’s already been filmed and replace it with quips, jokes, and exclusively closeups to disguise the fact that we couldn’t bring back all the actors at the same time? That studio was Warner Brothers and the film is the theatrical cut of Justice League, a film with a checkered past and sordid behind the scenes tidbits. But does the movie stand up on its own as is? That’s what we aim to find out as we discuss this movie in anticipation of the Snyder Cut that releases next week. Will we want more of this stitched together, Frankenstein of a movie sitting at so exactly at a 2 hour runtime that it must have been intentional, or will this movie fall into the rare annals of history better off left forgotten? Find out in this Zero Credit(s) Supplemental Reading.

Texas Ice Cubs Reign Supreme

Episode 212: Texas is Trying to Kill Us

In our second Texas-themed episode in a row, Governor Greg Abbott tries to kill us by announcing the reopening of the state. Last week, we covered how Texas tried to kill us through sheer incompetence of energy grid management and now this. Next week, he’ll probably announce the first annual purge night while cocking a shotgun. Look, we’d love to talk about other things like Wandavision or Space Jam, but the truth of it all is, we’re too pissed off at our home state to concentrate on any of that. In a time when we should be wondering if the MCU can survive the streaming week by week format (it totally can, btw), we’re left worrying about how many people are going to be negatively affected by PR stunts that only land us in negative national headlines anyway. Next week will probably be a Justice League supplemental reading, just to give us a break. Peace.