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Episode 223: Get Vaccinated

We don’t mince too many words this week – yes there’s some goofs and jokes and bits as always, but really, deep down I think what we’re trying to say is, if you can get vaccinated and wear a mask, then it’s time do so to protect those who can’t for whatever valid reason. We’ve got people to protect and stopping the spread is the only way to go about this. No one’s going to step in and save us this time (is our prediction), so it’s up to those of us who can do something. There is no politics. There is no personal opinions. The facts are – if you get vaccinated and wear a mask, things will probably be better than if you don’t do that. And for everyone who is vaccinated, start wearing a mask again. This isn’t an either or scenario. Let’s all do what we can or else this will become a neverending part of our lives.

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Episode 213: Two Dogs, Two Jobs

At the time of recording this episode, Henry and John were both up for new jobs at new companies and were wrestling with the stress, anxiety, and general feeling of uncertainty that comes with that. They also both got new puppies who have irreparably changed their lives forever.  Also Henry got his first COVID vaccine (John is fully vaccinated), so we’ve got that story too. It’s a very personal episode of Zero Credit(s) this week and we promise to never do it again!

Texas Ice Cubs Reign Supreme

Episode 212: Texas is Trying to Kill Us

In our second Texas-themed episode in a row, Governor Greg Abbott tries to kill us by announcing the reopening of the state. Last week, we covered how Texas tried to kill us through sheer incompetence of energy grid management and now this. Next week, he’ll probably announce the first annual purge night while cocking a shotgun. Look, we’d love to talk about other things like Wandavision or Space Jam, but the truth of it all is, we’re too pissed off at our home state to concentrate on any of that. In a time when we should be wondering if the MCU can survive the streaming week by week format (it totally can, btw), we’re left worrying about how many people are going to be negatively affected by PR stunts that only land us in negative national headlines anyway. Next week will probably be a Justice League supplemental reading, just to give us a break. Peace.