Texas Ice Cubs Reign Supreme

Episode 212: Texas is Trying to Kill Us

In our second Texas-themed episode in a row, Governor Greg Abbott tries to kill us by announcing the reopening of the state. Last week, we covered how Texas tried to kill us through sheer incompetence of energy grid management and now this. Next week, he’ll probably announce the first annual purge night while cocking a shotgun. Look, we’d love to talk about other things like Wandavision or Space Jam, but the truth of it all is, we’re too pissed off at our home state to concentrate on any of that. In a time when we should be wondering if the MCU can survive the streaming week by week format (it totally can, btw), we’re left worrying about how many people are going to be negatively affected by PR stunts that only land us in negative national headlines anyway. Next week will probably be a Justice League supplemental reading, just to give us a break. Peace.