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Episode 84: Best/Worst 2017 aka Teslas on the Moon

Let’s end this year right, Dear Listeners, by rendering judgement unto all. There is no sanctuary from judgement. All shall feel the light of the side eye cast on them. The unjust and just dab alike on this day. Let us take a walk through this year’s 10 special categories that represent the year as a whole. What was the best movie? The worst moment of our collective cultural experience? The best and worst of what humanity has to offer is here, in this episode. Aliens, if you only listen to one podcast episode encapsulating the human experience this year, make it this one. It’s all here, and a little bit more, just for you, Dear Listener. If you hit play at 10:27 pm on New Year’s Eve, you’ll start the New Year knowing the final verdict of 2017 (and also you will have participated in 2017’s last official Meme(tm)). Goodbye 2017, and hello The Encompassing Void That Lives Within Us All.

Episode 83: Normal Day Podcast

Welcome to normal day podcast. We talk about all of your favorite segments. The olympics get spooky terrors. We then briefly reveal where henry talks about horror games featuring music by the semi honored classic simulation fire. This change in atmosphere fuels our discussion of the best content known to exist offline, listeners, and that is happiness within oneself. John talks about centralized programming and it will frighten you as it seems to be awful or something new or terribly old. Sound off the boys, henry, this is the beginning of our current season and john is harboring a secret that could threaten the very existence of the wild west. To the north there is happiness: traffic will be awful. I work backwards in theaters, dear listener, so please be a dear listener to relax in theaters. Buy baby driver on bluray.

Episode 82: Spoilers for Everything from 30 Years Ago aka Now We Riffin’

It’s that time again, listeners. Henry and John are firing up the Best/Worst machine by generating this year’s categories. Before that, though, H-Man & J-Ohn still haven’t quite shaken this most recent bout of Austin Bit Sickness, but they attempt to press on regardless. What’s the underlying narrative formula of Dragon Ball Z? The Boys sure as heck try to find out during an impromptu segment that last DOZENS OF MINUTES! All this nonsense surrounds what should probably be a pretty austere and respectful discussion of the 2017 The Inner Mind’s Eye Person of the Year issue. If you can’t stand the spoilers, get out of the kitchen. The kitchen is this week’s episode of Zero Credit(s)! Sorry!


Supplemental Reading: Stranger Things 2

This is a formal warning that this episodes contains spoilers for the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, specifically in relation to the second season of the aforementioned show in its entirety. It is recommended that if you, Party B, have not watched the entirety of the second season of the aforementioned show, hereby referred to as Strangy Tings, then you, Party B, should not download or listen to this episode of Zero Credit(s) Supplemental Reading: Stranger Things 2. With that covered, the description reads as follows:

John and Henry dive deep back into Hawkins to unlock the deepest mystery of all for the second season of Stranger Things. Namely, they wonder if the second season was “good” or “bad.” With a second season, there’s more room for bad decisions, poor characterization, and straight failure from those time-honored (this is their first show) Duffer Brothers. Will the season end up being a good? Or will it fall into the disgrace of being a bad? Listen and find out, Dear Listeners. Listen and find out.


Music credits:
CompleteJ – Stranger Things (Cover)