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Episode 285: Best/Worst 2022

Movies, Video Games, TV Shows, and 7 randomly selected suggestions from you dear Fams. It is time again to deliberate the Best and Worst of the year. What shall remain? What shall be cast aside? Will we ever watch Andor? All this and more is at least talked about. Happy Holidays to all, and a Happy New Year. We’ll see you in 2023.

Banner Image for Episode 261: Movies Are Too Long: Part One

Episode 261: Movies Are Too Long: Part One

It’s Friday and you’re looking forward to the weekend. You have nothing planned, so you’re looking forward to just relaxing at home, maybe doing a little yardwork, but nothing serious when your phone pings. Your heart sinks as you read over the notification. It’s the government backed cultural department. You’ve been selected for this weekend’s mandatory viewing of the new Marvel movie to help stimulate the economy and prop up the failing movie industry. The requisite $25 ticket price has already been deducted from your account. You consider skipping out anyway. They already have their money, right? But you don’t want to have to deal with appearing in court to contest the noncompliance citation you’d incur. So you go to the movie. How bad could it be, right? Just a couple hours of mind-numbing entertainment starring people with all the free time in the world. You sit in the dark movie theatre, a bowl of government issued pop corn in front of you ($15 deducted automatically from your account) and watch as the title drops. Avengers: The Longest War: Part One flashes on screen along with the FCC mandated run time listed very tiny in the bottom right corner. Your heart sinks further as you read 1 Day, 23 hours, 30 minutes. Chris Pratt appears on the screen and laughs. You know it was probably in the script for him to laugh, but it feels as though he is laughing at you, you poor, poor fool.

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Episode 217: Technical Difficulties: John Gets MAD

In our third interim episode of Hot Godzilla Summer, the boys head back to the movies full of vaccine and dreams only to find out that movie theaters have become pockets of time from the before times. Trailers for movies thought long passed and gone play, triggering feelings from before the world went dark with fears of global pandemic. And apparently that’s going to just like continue as no “new” movies are coming out for at least a year, basically. Like they’re new movies to us, sure, but they were all announced and advertised with trailers and everything before the nation shut down. So it’s kinda like they aren’t new at all, you know?

Also, John gets really mad about some things toward the end of the episode that we said we weren’t going to talk about beforehand, but they just kinda came out any way. Whoops. Zero Credit(s)!

Episode 160: Do Crimes

After a long two-week hiatus, the boys are stuffed like turkeys with that capital G, capital C Good Content. We’ve got your weekly Fast and Furious update, some promises to do a Best/Worst 2019 that may or may not happen, and a whole lot more before we inevitably dive into the supreme joke that is American politics. Joe Biden is making speeches again and boy does it just tickle John’s fancy. The moral of the story: Do Crimes. Just go out and Do some Crimes. Crimes are the future. Do them today*.


*In no way does Zero Credits endorse or support the Doing of Crimes from a legally actionable standpoint. Please do not sue us.

Episode 145: Ultimate Wacky Death Races

On a world covered in pavement, only one racer can be crowned the most coveted rank of all: Race War Rulerperson. Now, after countless decades of scheming, Dick Dastardly, infamous racer, exconvict, and inventor, has finally perfected his magnum opus: The Transporter. Using this device, he summons every car-based hero time, space, multi-verses, franchises failed and thriving alike to participate in the long, deadliest, wackiest race ever conceived by man/beast/nitro-infused god. The Fast and Familia, Hobbs and Shaw, Speed Racer, Mario Karts, Speed Buggy, REO Speed Wagon, Cars from Disney’s Cars, multiple Transformers, and Herbie Fully Loaded are among the crowds of racers. Not to mention the entirety of the Mad Max Fury Road and both Death Races. They’re all here, revving up those engines. One last time.

This time, it’s for keeps.


Also, Hobbs and Shaw is out today. Go see it.

Episode 120: Best/Worst 2018

Well folks, 2018 is over. Yep. No more 2018 after you listen to this episode (EDITOR’S NOTE: IF YOU DON’T LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE, 2018 WILL NEVER END. YOU WILL FOREVER BE TRAPPED IN 2018 A LA GROUNDHOG’S DAY STARRING BILL MURRAY). Where does this year fall on the spectrum of Best/Worst? Find out by listening. That’s literally the only way. I don’t even know what it is.


(editor to the editor’s note: the editor is unaware that podcast episodes can be paused. we have tried many times to instruct the editor, but alas our efforts have fallen short of their goals. please feel free to pause the episode as you see fit, as long as you promise to listen to the podcast episode in full.)

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from everyone here at Zero Credit(s)!
editor to the editor’s note: yes, well, we did say from everyone. 

Nouvelle Noel Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Episode 108: A Ten-Pack of Pink Ping Pong Balls

So this guy is walking into a bar. He’s been having kind of a rough week and thinks he deserves a drink. He’s not like an alcoholic or anything. Not that there’s anything wrong with being an alcoholic, it’s a disease after all. Anyway, this guy notices in the window of the bar a very short man playing the piano. Not like a normally short person, but like this guy barely comes up to your knee, figuratively and actually. You wouldn’t want to actually compare his height to your shin on account you, you know, probably that’s offensive. Anyway this guy disregards what he’s seen because hey, the world takes all sorts, and goes into the bar. Now, his first stop is the bathroom, because he just got off work and he hasn’t been home yet to take care of his biological business. Don’t judge. Anyway, when he opens the bathroom door, he’s bathed in a golden light brighter than anything he’s ever seen. You know what he sees? You guessed it: a dang old genie, all glowing and floating as genies have a tendency to do. Now this guy might lead a pretty exciting life, but he rarely has call to hold court with genies despite what you might expect, so he is understandably taken aback. He closes the door, shakes his head, and opens the door again just to check, like a solid second-beat of a classic comedy routine, and bang: still genie. So this guy walks back to the bartender and says: “hey man, I think you’ve got a genie in your bathroom. Is that normal?” The bartender, shaking his head and dutifully wiping a glass, replies: “Yessir. That genie in the bathroom is a wish-granting genie. Anything you ask, he delivers.” The man really doesn’t want for much in life, but figures this is a when-in-Rome scenario and heads back to the bathroom. He stand before the genie and asks: “now I know you genies can’t speak unless you’re granting wishes. Under this arrangement, would you grant me world peace?” The genie smiles, fills his belly with genie energy, and bellows real loud “a swirl of geese!” And suddenly, wouldn’t ya know it, the bathroom is filled with flying geese. Now this man’s no fool, and he sees the situation for what it is almost immediately. He leaves the now goosified bathroom, walks up to the bartender, and says: “barkeep, I think that genie has a hearing problem.” The bartender shoots back a world-weary glance. “Sure, I know that. Now what’ll you have?” The man slides his card across the bartop and orders a New York sour. He looks over his shoulder at the twelve-inch pianist, playing sublime uptempo jazz, and slowly sinks into the realization that there are some things he’ll never understand.