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Episode 321: Mucinex Christmas

We’re back! After a month long hiatus (wait…what are all these uploads…), we are back to discuss some crazy goings on. New, weird speakers of houses. Crazy side effects of TikTok. And an almost-to-the-end Zeit-bingo update from John. All of that and a little more, right here on Zero Credit(s).

Banner Image for Episode 280: Technical Difficulties

Episode 280: Technical Difficulties

Look, we’ve had a good streak going, but it’s finally here: our first bad episode in a long, long while. We’ll cop to it, this episode is a mess. Interference from foreign hackers interrupted our show not once, not twice, but like five times. It grates on the nerves a little. That said, we still try to cover as much of what’s going on as humanly possible. Russian mistakes. Chinese spying. Dave Chapelle. Millie Bobbie Bean. We’ve got most of that and some more crypto related things as well, right here on Zero Credit(s).