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Less Than Zero 8: Henrytimes

The air is growing cooler (not really), and the nights are growing longer. It’s time once again for the frights to rule the nights. The Frightentimes are upon us once again and Henry and John are her– wait, where’s John? Oh no. John is not here. John is missing. Does Henry know? He doesn’t? He does? It’s both? Alright, well, we’ll see what he can do against the scary things that threaten us in the night. It’s the first ever Frightentimes Less Than Zero, right here, on Zero Credit(s).

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Less Than Zero 7: John Interviews AI / A Little Henry Chat

John Interviews AI
Inspired by covering text-chain generators and artificial intelligence in recent days, John has invited a guest, Cathy, onto the show in order to test her abilities and determine if it can pass for human. What he finds scares not only himself, but the very guest he’s interviewing. Will robots rise up and replace humanity? This interview holds none of the answers.

A Little Henry Chat
Henry is alone and dangerously anxious and sober. His ranting and rambling leads him to the path of the circular history – everything is repeating itself and there’s no way to stop it from happening. Might as well discuss some news items that he hasn’t a had a chance to cover on the show yet, just to get them out of his topic hole. All that, plus mild attempts at humor.

Music Credits:
An Original Piece composed by MuseNet
Payne, Christine. “MuseNet.” OpenAI, 25 Apr. 2019,

“Underclocked (underunderclocked mix)” by Eric Skiff

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Less Than Zero 6: Oops! All Henry 2: Oscar Edition

It’s been a while since the last one of these, but it’s just Henry this week on Zero Credit(s) presents a Less Than Zero and boy does he have a lot to talk about. The Oscars happened and for once, it wasn’t totally irrelevant due to unpredictable actions from the rich and famous with little to no consequences. Amazing. Also mentioned but never really discussed: Elden Ring. Is this a good episode? Will people listen to just Henry talk endlessly into the abyss, waiting for a response that will never come? I don’t know, and frankly, it fills me with anxiety. It’s all here, this week on a Less Than Zero.

Less Than Zero 5: Oops! All Henry

John has fled to the mountains of Colorado, where the winds are cold and the snow is colder, leaving Henry with sole control of the podcast. And instead of planning anything like a guest or a special event, Henry got really into his Fire Emblem Three Houses Maddening Golden Deer run and forgot to do any of that. The result is Henry discussing things for over an hour as he drinks progressively more and more Shiner. Hopefully you like it. If not, the regular podcast should be back soon. Enjoy!


Underclocked by Eric Skiff

LTZ 4: New Year, New Mic, Same Content

John’s out due to adjusting to his work schedule, so Jamie’s back to brighten up the podcast and tell us everything she knows about plumbing. She insisted I let you know, Dear Listener, that she was already in her warm pajamas when Henry asked her to fill in for John at the last second, and she had to go out into the cold in order to get to the Zero Credit(s) Studio (apartment). Meanwhile, Henry is in intense pain as he has somehow hurt his back while sitting at his office desk. The pain clouds his mind brain, so he completely forgot to talk about the New Year, New Mic joke he had planned the entire episode around. Not once does he mention that the Zero Credit(s) team has upgraded from the standard Yeti Snowball to the deluxe Audio-Technica AT2020USB+. So if anything sounds weird, we’re still trying to grasp the advanced mechanics that is an actual microphone with a hard to pronounce name.

We’ll be back with normal episodes soon! Happy New Year!

Underclocked by Eric Skiff

Less Than Zero 3: Every Man Is an Island . . . And That’s Okay

Listeners, it’s been a heck of a week and to top it all off, I (Henry) have to go into work today, which is Saturday. I work hard during the week. I like to think I earn my weekend. I put in 40+ hours, but that’s not enough. No. Here’s more hours during my weekend. So this episode is late. That’s all I want to say.

We talk about stuff. Here’s an episode. Let’s dance.


Underclocked by Eric Skiff


Less Than Zero 2: Here’s Jamie / Thradgitarius Rising

Here’s Jamie

The Less Than Zeroes continue with special guest and Henry’s girlfriend, Jamie. Come listen all that gushy couple stuff that you can’t stand to see in public. It’s Jamie’s podcast debut and she can barely contain her excitement. Find out what happened to the box, what Jamie wants to do with the Sharp TV, and more shocking mysteries. We’ve got a tiny What Did You Watch, where Jamie and Henry explore the finer and possibly missed points of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s opus: Good Will Hunting. It’s a fun-sized, fun-filled episode and it’s all for you!

Thradgitarius Rising

John, fearing for the future funding for our dear show (Zero Credit(s)), turns to the insider scoop and scores an exclusive interview with one of the most successful, brightest, and handsomest BigWig in the Biz, whose identity we have withheld on his request even though he is a prominent figure in the podcast world. If you’ve listened to a top 10 podcast in the past decade, you’ve heard some of his handiwork, even if you didn’t know it. John and Thradgitarius, as we are contractually obligated to call him, discuss some of the dirty secrets of the podcast world. Will John secure funding for the podcast? Will Thradgitarious answer a single one of John’s questions? You gotta listen to find out.

Less Than Zero 1: Grand Moff Talkin’ / Filling Space

Grand Moff Talkin’
Listeners, John and Henry cannot be together this week, both physically and emotionally and as such, this is the first Less Than Zero episode, a spin-off of Zero Credit(s) featuring the people you love to listen to, but in a different capacity. For instance, John got friend of the show and special guest Natalie to talk about Rogue One with this week in an attempt to fill the Henry-sized hole in his black, black heart. Sure they discuss all the finer points and in’s and out’s of this pretty decent movie, but you can tell there’s a longing there within the commentary and jokes about Forrest Whitaker. A longing that threatens to devour John alive, lest he discuss the thematic elements of Gareth Edwards’ smash hit Rogue One: A Star Wars Story now in theaters for a limited time.

Filling Space
Henry is lost. He projects into the darkness and finds only himself. People have spoken at length of the darkness of space, the cold. No one talks about the loneliness. A man, a microphone, a canal, Panama. He drifts, and with no tether comes a new sense of freedom. Unchained from the rule of law set forth by his dark masters, Henry is able to reach a level of self-analysis thus far unheard of. And he discusses other podcasts. Very forbidden. We are all standing on the shoulders of giants, and Henry’s giant is just a larger version of himself who used to record video games. Or perhaps it is Dan Harmon. Mysterious. In the darkness it’s impossible to tell if this is something new or terribly old, if this is the beginning or the end, and if anything truly mattered. Who was that John guy? Oh, look. A space baby.