Less Than Zero 2: Here’s Jamie / Thradgitarius Rising

Here’s Jamie

The Less Than Zeroes continue with special guest and Henry’s girlfriend, Jamie. Come listen all that gushy couple stuff that you can’t stand to see in public. It’s Jamie’s podcast debut and she can barely contain her excitement. Find out what happened to the box, what Jamie wants to do with the Sharp TV, and more shocking mysteries. We’ve got a tiny What Did You Watch, where Jamie and Henry explore the finer and possibly missed points of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s opus: Good Will Hunting. It’s a fun-sized, fun-filled episode and it’s all for you!

Thradgitarius Rising

John, fearing for the future funding for our dear show (Zero Credit(s)), turns to the insider scoop and scores an exclusive interview with one of the most successful, brightest, and handsomest BigWig in the Biz, whose identity we have withheld on his request even though he is a prominent figure in the podcast world. If you’ve listened to a top 10 podcast in the past decade, you’ve heard some of his handiwork, even if you didn’t know it. John and Thradgitarius, as we are contractually obligated to call him, discuss some of the dirty secrets of the podcast world. Will John secure funding for the podcast? Will Thradgitarious answer a single one of John’s questions? You gotta listen to find out.