Monthly Archives: October 2023

Episode 319: Double Double Trouble Trouble “Ship O’Theseus”

The Frightentimes continue as we dive deep into a cave to find…ourselves? Doubles are inherently frightening and we discuss why that is in a true return to form for the old days of the show. That and a ton of horror reccs, right here on Zero Credit(s).

Episode 317: Flying Raccoon Suit aka Honkin’ on That Thing

The Zero Credit(s) boys sit down with members of Flying Raccoon Suit who just signed with Bad Time Records for their latest album Moonflower dropping 11/3. Come listen to various chats about their latest songs you haven’t heard yet in preparation of their new single reveal tomorrow (10/13). Right here on Zero Credit(s)!

Episode 316: A Wednesday That Will Live in Information

Recorded on a special day, the Zero Credit(s) boys gear up for the test of the national emergency services by giving updates to some previously covered stories. Yes, Henry just wants to talk about Taylor Swift, but as it turns out, so does everyone else – who is the more unhinged? It’s up for you to decide on this perfectly normal episode of Zero Credit(s).