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Episode 317: Flying Raccoon Suit aka Honkin’ on That Thing

The Zero Credit(s) boys sit down with members of Flying Raccoon Suit who just signed with Bad Time Records for their latest album Moonflower dropping 11/3. Come listen to various chats about their latest songs you haven’t heard yet in preparation of their new single reveal tomorrow (10/13). Right here on Zero Credit(s)!

Sometimes it's best to not mess with a hurricane...

Supplemental Reading: The Hurricane Heist

In 2018, Fast and Furious Rob Cohen directed a film called The Hurricane Heist. Set erroneously in Gulfport, Alabama, the 1 hour and 42 minute action-packed romp through weather and betrayal oozes out of the screen and into your eyes with an overall feeling of “well, this might as well happen.” Henry and John stumbled across this title quite by accident and decided to watch it based solely on the font choice for the title and the lie that it takes place in Mississippi. Thanks Netflix description writer. If you’ve watched this movie and want to hear us voice our opinions on this film, please listen by all means. For everyone else who hasn’t seen the film yet, maybe go watch it, maybe do something better with the next hour or so of your life. This is an unprecedented Supplemental Reading in more ways than one and if that’s enough to get you to listen, then great. We’ve got it all here on Zero Credit(s), and that includes admitting that sometimes, we made a mistake. Sorry.