Monthly Archives: February 2016

Episode 7: A Fun Experiment in Nearly Dying

The storm of a lifetime is upon us, and this might be the end for us, dear Listener. The dirty dealings of the Zero Credit(s) boys have finally caught up to us, and our chickens have come to roost. The say nothing’s the same after a storm like this. We shall see. Join us as we discuss (in somber tones) the finer points of pizza morality, shitty Bob, muscular murderers, meatloaf batmen, and hurricanes of the past. This is the end of the world.

Link: Episode 7: A Fun Experiment in Nearly Dying

Episode 6: PCP Angels and Hoop Dreams

Corporate John shows up and seizes control of Henry’s simple mom and pop podcast to beef it up with new and exciting drug themed segments that he claims don’t reflect his own personal experience. What is truth? What is fiction? Would you trust a man who sounds like he’s dressed in a suit? Henry doesn’t think so. Vote Henry for Chief Executive Officer of Zero Credit(s). Vote right, America. Vote forever.

Link: Episode 6: PCP Angels and Hoop Dreams

Episode 5: 49.7 Million Episodes and a Movie

John and Henry return in what must be the lightest episode yet. Week-late Super Bowl reviews, anime, and Fire Watch are all discussed, dismissed, and discovered again in this time honored classic episode of your favorite 70’s sitcom turned modern day podcast. 


Supplemental Reading: Over the Garden Wall

In this supplemental reading discussion of Over the Garden Wall, Patrick McHale’s mind-baby miniseries on Cartoon Network, Henry and John discuss the importance ins and outs of the magical world of the series and all the good things they liked. This devolves into a larger discussion of magic realism pieces as a whole, featuring such great authors as Gabriel Garcia Marquez,  Haruki Murakami, Italo Calvino, among others.

For further reading, read any work by the above names, along with Gabriel Marquez’s interview in the Paris Review.  

Link: Supplemental Reading: Over the Garden Wall

Episode 4: Drinky Drink, Thinky Think

It’s a heckuva night back at the house. Drinky drinks for the first time, and thinky thinks for the next time. We’re a little stirred up due to some noisy clouds hanging over the homestead, all heavy with portent and ill-omen. We gird ourselves up and, with a little liquid courage, discuss some of the broader strokes of wars among stars and capital-Q Quality, and introduce the first in our Supplemental Readings series. Keep your wits about you, listener, and we should all get out of this storm safe. Good day.

Here’s a link: Drinky Drink, Thinky Think