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Episode 64: Soda Fueled Winds of Social Change

Listeners, we are on the cusp of some of the greatest changes we could ever fathom in our society. Changes that may be the end of life as we know it, but not in like a sense that means everything dies or anything like that, just that life as we know it would be different and thus ended. Henry and John tackle the serious issues this episode, issues that no one else seems to be talking about. While politics is well, a mess, Coca-Cola is trying to sneak end Coke Zero in favor of a new product. Yeah, I know, shady AF, as the kids say. Why kill off an entire product line? Why rebrand and keep just one part of the name? The new stuff will be called Coke Zero Sugar. You know they’re banking on people shortening the name to just Coke Zero, but it won’t be the same. They will have killed a fine, tasty, zero calorie beverage and for what? A product that is similar to regular Coke? If I wanted regular Coke, I would buy regular Coke. I mean, gosh, it’s not that hard Coca-Cola. Anyway, they also talk about other things, in this episode, but I’m really burned up about this whole Coke thing.

Episode 63: WhisperCast (ft. Tortilla Time)

Shhhh! Halt your noises! This is a sneaky-beaky episode of Zero Credit(s) because John’s S.O. is asleep 13 inches away and John has very poor time management skills. The boys quietly contemplate the diminishing returns of loyalty to a single company, which is something both of them have been thinking A LOT about lately. From there, John stealthily thrills Henry with a tryptic (?) detailing the sad fate of a lone robotic hero. There’s an old legend that states that if you listen reeeeal close to this episode, you can actually hear John falling asleep Prepare your ears for velvet, listeners, because those doggies are about to get all they can handle. Woof. ASMR.


Episode 62: Wolff’s Law aka Wolf Slaw

Howdy folks, we’re back from our Fourth of July Break with a new episode for your thirsty, thirsty ears. Speaking of fireworks, aren’t they one of the weirdest approximations of war we use to celebrate how free from war we are? Or are we free at all? Hm. We then talk Wolff’s Law as John and Henry pledge to be the strongest, most adaptive things on the planet, and hopefully in a good way. Then J and H take a The Break featuring Merry Kitchen by Joystick off their new album Sinceriously before getting back to the grind of Baby Driver. Go see Baby Driver in theaters. Buy Baby Driver on BluRay and DVD. Become Baby Driver in real life and drive cars while listening to music and time everything perfectly to the songs you’re listening to. Baby Driver. We’re on social media.

Merry Kitchen – Joystick
(off their album Sinceriously)

Supplemental Reading: Aunty Donna

The Boys discuss The Big Boys for this week’s Supplemental Reading of Australian absurdist comedy troupe Aunty Donna. That’s right, an entire episode dedicated to absurdist Australian comedy troupe men Aunt Donny. Henry and John get right down to brass tacks and get their listeners the answers they’ve been yearning for: whether you pronounce the second A in SamuAl, how many people are actually in Aunty Donna, and whether or not you should ever meet your heroes. The larder of secrets is burst open, and you are welcome to sup hungrily from its contents. Grow fat, listeners, and thanks for coming.