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Episode 43: Time Loaf: The Loaf of Bread that Slows Down Time

Listeners, we’ve got some sad news in this, our last full episode of 2016. Consequences of our actions finally come to pasture as Henry is forced out of town in accordance to the ancient laws of Best/Worst competitions. But first, one last blast of capital G, capital C Good Content. John is manic as he has consumed some of the Devil’s Bean and it’s up to our Hero Henry to reign him in. Or at least try to. We bounce from topic to topic, searching for truth and something real to hold on to, but all we find are circles. We’re going the long way round, folks. Mosey on with us to the end, it’s Zero Credit(s).

Episode 42: Best/Worst 2016

Here we go round the prickly pear
Prickly pear prickly pear
Here we go round the prickly pear
At five o’clock in the morning

The time has come for The Best. The time has come for The Worst. Together your hosts purge the year 2016 from the collective consciousness in the ancient tradition, the unending tradition. One survives, the other is left to die in obscurity. So much has been forgotten already, and so much more waits to be lost. We’ve allowed this to happen by choosing to exist, we’ve accepted no argument, we’ve willed this to be. We thought the fish bowl would save us, but we were wrong. This is the way the year ends.

Episode 41: Luking for Love in all the Phatrong Places

Hey listeners, Henry and John set out this week to have a bad episode and boy do they just have all the egg on their faces. But first, John explains the concept of Bigger Luke in great detail and thoroughness to the point that it both confuses and enrages Henry. We then take a trip down the memory lane to the video store and reflect on what it means to have too many options, not that we’d ever want them stripped away. Hey, hey, then we play a fun Star Wars game. Can you guess the thing? Probably. VIDEO GAMES VIDEO GAMES VIDEO GAMES VIDEO GAMES VIDEO GAMES. Henry then, tired of all the nerd stuff, introduces what next the episode is going to be about. Help us determine what to determine as Best/Worst of 2016! Go to Facebook and suggest a category!

Supplemental Reading: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

John and Henry are back again and excited about a big budget Hollywood movie? Say it ain’t so! It is so. This is how it is. The boys dig deep on this one, folks: the directorial trajectory of David Yates, the father of modern anime wizard magic; the stellar performances supplied by Edwood Redward, Karen ???, Colin Farrell, and Jaaaacobbb? Kowalski; the troubled existence of Big Horny Rhino Monsters. A doozy for sure. Avada kadoozy. For real, though, John and Henry really have a surprising amount to say about this particular film and it gets a little heavy and a little dark, which is fitting for a movie that lives surprisingly in both heavy and dark. Tuck your magical pantaloons into your enchanted jodhpurs, it’s time to get fantastic! Beasts. And where. To find them.

Featuring music by MRMUnknown.