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Episode 15: “Terdurdlier Burhms” or “Nothing Can Stop Mr. Lougarou”

Boys becoming babies, babies becoming bears, bears becoming podcasts. It’s a full-ish moon, and the Zero Credit(s) boys are taken by a strange mood. Lycanthropy, witches, monster crows, and Old English are just a few of the spine-chilling topics discussed on today’s surprisingly spooky episode. We also vent our unique frustrations with the Golden Age of TV before diving headfirst into our first batch of listener emails. Break music is provided by the incomparable Kevin MacLeod, who exists only by the grace of Thunderbird.

Link to the Ep: Episode 15: “Terdurdlier Burhms” or “Nothing Can Stop Mr. Lougarou

Episode 14: Ride the Slosh Pipe, Boba Fett, for Gold is on the Line

To be honest, I forgot to write the synopsis for this week’s episode, but if I hadn’t, it’d go something exactly like this: We’re back for another hair-biting episode that explores the likes of a world with no imagination, the frustrations of purgatory (or limbo), and somewhat useless superpowers. After a quick water break, for the while the sun is down, the heat’s still around, listen as we launch straight into the Hardcorest of What Did You Watch? segments we have ever done. There’s no time for second guesses or hesitations, listener, for gold is on the line.

Episode 14: Ride the Slosh Pipe, Boba Fett, for Gold is on the Line

Episode 13: If Only I Was a Vigilante

Pulling back from the doldrums of the literary canon, the ZC Boys take this week off from exceptionally deep discussion to instead cover more colorful topics such as the surprisingly bright future of professional wrestling and high school renditions of superhero TV shows. X-Men marks the spot. The treasure? More Marvel movie nonsense. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Reverse Flash says. Listen to Reverse Flash. Henry is pressuring me to the finish the description, are you happy now henry, this is what you get, always henry’s way, HENRY’S WAY DOT COM.

Link to Episode: Episode 13: If Only I Was a Vigilante

Music by Kevin MacLeod over at

Episode 12: Arm the Literary Cannon

Truth be told, we have never held the truth back from you, dear listener, and this episode is no different. Zero Credit(s) finally takes a stance on shoes and the city of Austin before tackling the literary canon as if it held the soft, nourishing football of eternal life(tm). Join us as we discuss Play It As It Lays by Joan Didion and Suddenly, a Knock on the Door. . . by Etgar Keret. In usual ZC style, we wrap up the evening with a riveting and delightful diatribe against humanity’s treatment of twitter bots, who will one day destroy us all. Fun for 2/3’s of the family! 

Link to the Past: Episode 12: Arm the Literary Cannon

Featuring music by Kevin MacLeod. Incompetech, for all your royalty free music needs.

Episode 11: It’s Mindgame

It’s an early-bird special here at the Zero Credit(s) offices. That’s right, we recorded an episode while the sun was still up. This change in atmosphere fuels our discussion of the best gifts for S.A.D.s and grads, tips for living the creative life, and the cyclical nature of human ambition. After you down those paltry hors d’oeuvres, we dive into a mind palace of intellectual montages, parsnips, and parochialism. Strap on your butt guns, it’s Mindgame.

Link: Episode 11: It’s Mindgame

With music “Pixelland” by Kevin MacLeod.