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Banner Image for Episode 230: I Might Have Eaten the D

Episode 230: I Might Have Eaten the D

We’re back on track with Henry at the wheel for this week’s episode of Zero Credit(s) and the first stop is Taco Bell. Henry’s never had Taco Bell before, and John’s very interested in talking about that. Is the Crunch Wrap Supreme too dry, or Henry just a failure at eating Taco Bell? The world may legitimately never know. Then it’s on to the big question of the week – Will Austin City Limits Music Festival actually happen? We’re one month out and the special event permit has yet to be issued by the city and with covid cases on the rise, it’s a pretty serious question. We explore all angles of the question this week on Zero Credit(s).

Banner Image for Episode 229: Nin-Taste-O Switch

Episode 229: Nin-Taste-O Switch

Henry’s having a tough week at work, so John’s in charge of the content for this episode. See if you can spot the difference! Several weeks ago, John made a promise. The context being he might be a super-taster, he promised to taste a Nintendo Switch cartridge. Well folks, he finally makes good on that promise. Will John taste anything at all, or will he taste literally the most disgusting thing he’s ever tasted and have it linger in his mouth the entire episode? There’s only one way to find out. Also I think we talked about other stuff, but honestly, I cannot remember.

Banner Image for Episode 228: Double Jeopardy aka Cave of Sexy Ladies

Episode 228: Double Jeopardy aka Cave of Sexy Ladies

Henry and John are back from the beach and boy are they tired. A beach, a pirate ship, and a cave of sexy ladies serving frozen drinks are just a few of the things they experienced, but now that they’re back, it’s time to tackle some real news. Jeopardy’s newest host and most recent executive producer has been fired, but what led us to this point? Henry’s got the full timeline of events to unpack and tear apart while John won’t shut up about the Twilight saga. It’s all here, and even more than you asked for, this week on Zero Credit(s).