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Banner Image for Episode 228: Double Jeopardy aka Cave of Sexy Ladies

Episode 228: Double Jeopardy aka Cave of Sexy Ladies

Henry and John are back from the beach and boy are they tired. A beach, a pirate ship, and a cave of sexy ladies serving frozen drinks are just a few of the things they experienced, but now that they’re back, it’s time to tackle some real news. Jeopardy’s newest host and most recent executive producer has been fired, but what led us to this point? Henry’s got the full timeline of events to unpack and tear apart while John won’t shut up about the Twilight saga. It’s all here, and even more than you asked for, this week on Zero Credit(s).

Episode 127: Don’t Draw My Wife or: Umm… Howoh??

After an extended illness-and-Vegas-driven hiatus, the Boys are back to tackle their most challenging task: recording on an off-day. So you guys already know this is gonna be a weird one. I once read that there is a mental condition that when someone listens to people describing symptoms of being sick, they start to feel sick themselves. If you have that condition: SORRY. I regret to inform you that there is a classic Extended Riff on the flu and flu-like symptoms and boy it’s gross. However, if you happen to have a mental condition that benefits you upon hearing people joyously discuss Nintendo: you’re in luck! Because John finally bought a g-d Switch, so it’s all he can talk about. Now, on the other hand, if you have the specific mental condition that makes you the person who redesigned Sonic the Hedgehog for his upcoming movie, John is here to give you a royal dressing-down. It’s a real roller coaster for people with mental conditions, I guess. And despite on of the two hosts getting Literally Married and going to Literal Nevada, the Boys round it out by talking about brands crossing the line between relatable and despicable. The Zero Credit(s) podcast is ready. Draw her in your style.