Monthly Archives: March 2017

Episode 52: Of Princes and Pumas

Greetings listener, to this weary episode of Zero Credit(s)! Henry and John crawl out of their respective corporate holes to deliver a bold prediction: capitalism will persist for six more weeks. That doesn’t stop John from getting uncharacteristically fired-up about Lucha Libre, though, as he schools Henry on the finer points of the seedy action of Lucha Underground. Ever wondered how high a coffee table should be? Worry not, because the boys call in a ringer for some intense interior design tips. All of this, and much more, is punctuated by the lovely music of Joshua Forrest during The Break. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS

Music: On Misty Steppes by Joshua Forrest

Episode 51: The Smurfs 3: SmuhFurbies

Welcome back, listeners, to Season Two. This time around, we’ve got loads of things to talk about, from Furby bug reports to representing women in film in this brash new string of 80’s and 90’s revived franchises. Should women always be represented as the tough warriors we see them as in films constantly? Maybe. Or should films follow the more general guideline of let ________ be ________. Then we have a pretty hopping The Break featuring music by Flying Raccoon Suit. Somewhere along the line, John and Henry fight verbally over the meaning of punctuations in the fast-paced world of personal communications. Whose side are you on? It’s the Zero Credits Punctuation Civil War Hour! And it’s all for you, dear listener, so please be a dear and listen. Periods do not connote anger.

Parasites by Flying Raccoon Suit

Episode 50: The World’s Greatest Podcast of 2017

“The World’s Greatest Podcast 2017”

Season 2 is live, listeners. Henry and John have cleaned the old Zero Credit(s) Lodge up a little bit, but they smashed most of the lights and threw out some precious segments. A darker, more streamlined abode awaits you beyond the threshold. Should you choose to enter, you would be delighted by the semi-informed critiques of the American healthcare system, flabbergasted by their ignorance of insurance, and flummoxed by the serendipity of their themes. Your favorite break has, unfortunately, been donated to feed the demons. In its place, however, is an exciting new The Break, a place for a weary listener to relax their minds and open their ear-minds. Also, masturbation and bodybuilding. Typical Zero Credit(s) stuff! Welcome to season 2, ya nerds! PAKOW

The World Moves On by Allen Mann