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Episode 97: Cache Me If You Can

It’s a dodgy, freewheeling episode this week. The Boys have a week’s worth of pent-up extra podcast energy and by gum they use it. Both Henry and John are showing dire symptoms of the onset of Marvel Madness leading into the release of the newest trillion-dollar cartoon explosion: Marvel’s Invengers Affinity Ward. John has some pretty solid leads on which characters might be on the chopping block, but Henry thinks killing a paralyzed man might be thematically questionable. Henry is wrong. Then, in a bid for relevancy, they discuss the lyrics of a U2 song, trying to make sense of the flagrant misappropriation of famous ghosts. In this week’s edition of Newstendo, John tells everyone how to steal Switch games. Nice one, John. Zero Credit(s)!


Episode 96: Spoilers in Representation

It’s all TV Talk this week as we journey through the world of good and mostly bad shows still on the air for some reason. But first, Wrestlemania was really good this year, so keep it up WWE. Representation in media is huge. Black Panther proved that, as a recent example. Wonder Woman proved that. It matters. So when a certain longest running animated show that has considerably dropped in quality over the years sort of downplays the importance of representation by refusing to address why it is a problem in favor of defending choices made in the past in times when we weren’t as aware of the importance of representation, it kinda comes of as being tone deaf in a world where that isn’t an option any more.

Also discussed is an experiment by one Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy of Westworld wherein they might spoil an entire season of their hit robot filled drama so people can inoculate themselves against spoilers. Is it a good idea? Time will tell. It’s here, it’s on your TV, it’s in the air without a care. It’s Zero Credit(s)!

Episode 95: The Purge: Nights

The premise is simple. Under the guise of letting out the nation’s collective aggression, the government established one day a year where none of society’s laws have power over its citizens, thereby allowing the populace to partake in any normally illegal activity consequence free. The movies focus on murder and killing in a horrific 24 hour bloodbath with some undertones of class issues as those with means are safer than those without.

But why stop at murder? Why so kill-centric, The Purge? Why not recruit some of the top minds of the high-end theft world and pull off the biggest heist the world has ever seen with absolute permission if not encouragement from the US Government? This summer, Danny Ocean is back along with thirteen other people to pull of the highest stake heist during the riskiest time of the year. It’s Ocean’s 14: Purge Times aka The Purge: Ocean’s Return and no money is safe.

He. Will. Steal. It. All.

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