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Episode 215: Citizen Gig ’em Ups

In our first interim episode during our Hot Godzilla Summer fest, it’s time to put the Oscars in the dirt where they belong. It’s a tired tradition that brings nothing of value to society other than letting the people involved know they do good work, which to be honest, most of them do in a way that it seems cruel to pick a winner out of them. We recap briefly the 93rd Academy Awards with this in mind and then quickly devolve into a cascading river of topics that include, John’s feelings about life after COVID and the gauntlet being thrown as Citizen Kane is dethroned as the greatest movie of all time. We have most of it right here, on Zero Credit(s), next week is Kong: Skull Island.

Supplemental Reading: Godzilla (2014)

In 2014, a studio had an idea. What if we acquired the film rights to Godzilla from Toho Studios to make some American-ized Godzilla films for the modern day? Everyone was aghast. Nothing like this had ever been attempted since the Mathew Broderick 1999 version that tanked so hard, Toho Studios dusted off their cameras to film Godzilla 2000 in response. But for some reason, Toho Studios agreed to a three film deal (or until 2020, whichever happened first) with WB and thus here we are. Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen, and a male version of Anya Taylor-Joy (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) come together to bring the Big Green Mother of Three to the screen along with Ken Watanabe and the lady from The Shape of Water. Directed by Visual Effects Artist Gareth Edwards (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), this 2014 film hits all of the notes of a classic Godzilla movie, but where does it rank on the just introduced WB Monsterverse Power Rankings? There’s only one way to find out and that’s by listening to this, the inaugural kickoff of the Summer of Godzilla (in Spring).

Header Image for Episode 214: The Devil Never Left Georgia

Episode 214: The Devil Never Left Georgia

This episode is about the sweeping election reform that was signed into law in Georgia recently and the implications and fallout of that happening. So if you don’t want to hear us get political and explain exactly how the laws are more akin to voter suppression than voter reform, I suggest you skip this episode. We’ll get back to our normal gags and goofs next week when we kick off the Summer of Godzilla, but for now, let’s focus on how certain individuals in power are trying to curb the democratic foundation of our country by limiting the amount of people who can actually vote.

Image for episode 213, two dogs, two jobs

Episode 213: Two Dogs, Two Jobs

At the time of recording this episode, Henry and John were both up for new jobs at new companies and were wrestling with the stress, anxiety, and general feeling of uncertainty that comes with that. They also both got new puppies who have irreparably changed their lives forever.  Also Henry got his first COVID vaccine (John is fully vaccinated), so we’ve got that story too. It’s a very personal episode of Zero Credit(s) this week and we promise to never do it again!

Episode image for the Supplemental Reading of Zack Snyder's Justice League

Supplemental Reading: Zack Snyder’s Justice League (Part Two)

In 2020, a studio made a decision to rectify a mistake they had made in 2017 to return to Justice League and allow director Zack Snyder to finally present his vision for the film. With HBO Max apparently the perfect avenue for this venture, the studio gave Snyder a $70 million budget to recut the film into the original version. What resulted is a four hour long epic of an experience that fully realizes the characters and set pieces introduced in the film with all the Snyder style we’ve come to expect. This Supplemental Reading covers the final three chapters and epilogue of the film in about just an agonizingly detailed pace as the film itself. Also included is the final conclusion and judgement render unto the fil by Henry and John. Will the Snyder Cut be a good? Or will it fall into the realms of being a bad? Only one way to find out, folks, and that’s to listen.