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Episode 151: Things Get a Little TwIsTeD AKA A Joker’s Twisted Trick

Henry’s taken a sip of the Damaged Juice, so now we have to deal with the consequences. The hellscape of the American job market has drained your co-host of his energy and will to exist, so you KNOW this episode is going to be a high energy UltraRomp. After that, The Boys (not to be confused with the comic book show, which is a disclaimer we have to make now (maybe the show will get cancelled (fingers crossed))) are on the hunt for that PEACH which is to say that imPEACHment of the president and his 40″+ curvy onion booty. But what’s this? Looks like Bummer John is here to rain on our collective parades by explaining how impeachment “really” “works” “apparently.” Enough of that horse hockey! The Boys (fingers crossed) are here to give you what you really need. We dive into the single most important 3 hour stretch of network television in the HISTORY of the SPIDERVERSE: The Emmy’s (short for “the Emeril’s”)! Who won the golden… Bird? Who got snubbed? Who got razzed? Who had their throats slashed? Find out and this week’s awardstacular episode of Zero Credit(s)!


Episode 150: Too Lazy for a Clip Show…

As all our dear fams will know, every 50 episodes marks the beginning of a new season here on Zero Credit(s). And each new season brings a new wave of life into the show. The first season, we found our footing. The second season, we tried copying every other podcast out there. The third season, we abandoned that because it was dumb. And that brings us to the current season. Season 4. The season where everything changes. How will it change? I guess we’ll find out. The important thing is, we are continuing the show. The show you know and love will be here in some form. And to that end, we thank everyone for listening. We wouldn’t be doing this without you.

So what’s in this episode? Well, let’s just say things get a little tWiStEd as we welcome special guest The Joker on our airwaves. We also delve into the dumbness that is the whole Saturday Night Live controversy. I mean, it’s not hard to be a nice person, so it’s not really a controversy. It’s more just an idiot feeling the consequences of being an idiot. There’s no need to blow things out of proportion. You can’t really blame the cat for catching the mouse, so to speak.

Anyway, 150 episodes of Zero Credit(s) in the can. Here’s to 150 more. Enjoy the new song.

Episode 149: Texas on the Brink of Disaster (Bonus)

In this episode of Zero Credit(s), the boys discuss some of the new Texas laws, such as ikea laws and the new Texas Penal Code. They then discuss how these changes affect people in the Lone Star state.
Special guest Markov Elijah Wood (played by Talk to Transformer) spouts icky ideas about gender, the world and our lives. There is, of course, only one way to find what that answer is: check into a psych ward. Written by Anonymous.

John also  told her about the day when she had to work the night shift, the day the fire department had to go in to rescue people and the smell, she told me.  And I got that look on his face of, “Who are they going to see that for?  You didn’t get a letter.”
It would be so easy, I wanted to tell her that she was a great girl, that everyone loved her, my mother in particular. But I was too close to her to let her know that she deserved that.  “I don’t like to read them,” I said.
That got him laughing.

This description was written by Talk to Transformer. It’s all on iTunes! And here!