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Banner Image for Episode 262: Jamie Hates Bad Comic Book Villians Who Are from Movies and Comic Books

Episode 263: Jamie Hates Bad Comic Book Villains Who Are from Movies and Comic Books (Ft. Jamie)

It’s John’s birthday! But he came down with covid, so he isn’t here to celebrate. Instead, we bring back a guest host we haven’t seen since reality split that one time. Does she remember what happened back then? No. She does not, because that wasn’t her. Instead, please enjoy the comedic stylings of Jamie as Henry and Jamie navigate some headlines (and their marriage) to get to the bottom of why all the villains are getting movies and sequels. We’ve got that and a little more, right here on Zero Credit(s).

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Episode 154: J O K E R

This episode is sponsored by the Clown Prince of Crime himself and he demanded that we discuss his movie Joker. So that’s kind of what we do for the entire episode. We don’t necessarily spoil much beyond the themes and elements of the film. I mean, if you walk into a movie called Joker, I think you know what you’re getting into, but nevertheless, if you don’t want to hear about a movie you haven’t seen, don’t watch this. There were probably too many commas in that last sentence.

Anyway, Bats, enjoy the show.

Episode 151: Things Get a Little TwIsTeD AKA A Joker’s Twisted Trick

Henry’s taken a sip of the Damaged Juice, so now we have to deal with the consequences. The hellscape of the American job market has drained your co-host of his energy and will to exist, so you KNOW this episode is going to be a high energy UltraRomp. After that, The Boys (not to be confused with the comic book show, which is a disclaimer we have to make now (maybe the show will get cancelled (fingers crossed))) are on the hunt for that PEACH which is to say that imPEACHment of the president and his 40″+ curvy onion booty. But what’s this? Looks like Bummer John is here to rain on our collective parades by explaining how impeachment “really” “works” “apparently.” Enough of that horse hockey! The Boys (fingers crossed) are here to give you what you really need. We dive into the single most important 3 hour stretch of network television in the HISTORY of the SPIDERVERSE: The Emmy’s (short for “the Emeril’s”)! Who won the golden… Bird? Who got snubbed? Who got razzed? Who had their throats slashed? Find out and this week’s awardstacular episode of Zero Credit(s)!