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Episode 281: The Season of Sides

It’s the Season of Sides right here on Zero Credit(s), and it’s about time you picked one. Doesn’t matter which, just pick a side. Sweet Potato Pone, Pro-Railway Workers, any of the countries in the World Cup – there’s plenty to choose from. Pick up some sides today and give a listen to us right here on Zero Credit(s), you’ll be happy you did. HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

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Episode 280: Technical Difficulties

Look, we’ve had a good streak going, but it’s finally here: our first bad episode in a long, long while. We’ll cop to it, this episode is a mess. Interference from foreign hackers interrupted our show not once, not twice, but like five times. It grates on the nerves a little. That said, we still try to cover as much of what’s going on as humanly possible. Russian mistakes. Chinese spying. Dave Chapelle. Millie Bobbie Bean. We’ve got most of that and some more crypto related things as well, right here on Zero Credit(s).

Banner Image for Episode 279: One Wedding and Three Explosive Charges Aimed at the User's Brain

Episode 279: One Wedding and Three Explosive Charges Aimed at the User’s Brain

John has returned to us from his marriage to bring us tidings of what it’s like for him to have been wedded at a wedding and boy are his arms tired. With a spattering of what’s going on with Twitter, he’s really just happy to be back. Meanwhile, tech VR genius Palmer Luckey has devised a device that will blow your mind, quite literally, if you die in game. We’ve got that plus the latest Colorado River Toad news right here on Zero Credit(s).

Episode 278: The Saga of Business Genius Elon Musk (Ft Jeff)

For most people, midlife crises might end up in an exorbitant purchase in a vain attempt to recapture some of those bygone youthful days of yore. Some people might not even experience such things, as they are mature enough to acknowledge the passage of time without flipping out. But for one business genius Elon Musk, that purchase and that crisis is the purchasing of Twitter for whatever reason, with no ideas of how to turn a barely profitable company into a somewhat profitable company other than to set the walls on fire to stop paying that pesky wall tax. Jeff joins us to dive deep into this week’s just bananas happenings on an already dying hellscape that is Twitter.