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Banner Image for Episode 305: The Death of the Internet

Episode 305: The Death of the Internet

The Internet as it was, is no more. Barbenheimer completed their research, resulting in a new social media bomb, one capable of destroying 1000s of Twitters. Or something like that.

Barbie and Oppenheimer are just around the corner, but until then it’s Twitter vs Meta, Elon vs the Zuck. All that and more, right here on Zero Credit(s).

Banner Image for 302: Disney Vs Desantis

Episode 302: Disney vs DeSantis

It’s a crazy week and we’ve got a lot to talk about. Fake AI generated images generating too much buzz on the internet. Fake verified profiles propagating even faker news to be picked up by actual news sources. Two powerhouses of Florida taking each other on in a knock-down, drag-out fight to the death. We’ve got that plus more, all right here on Zero Credit(s).

Episode 278: The Saga of Business Genius Elon Musk (Ft Jeff)

For most people, midlife crises might end up in an exorbitant purchase in a vain attempt to recapture some of those bygone youthful days of yore. Some people might not even experience such things, as they are mature enough to acknowledge the passage of time without flipping out. But for one business genius Elon Musk, that purchase and that crisis is the purchasing of Twitter for whatever reason, with no ideas of how to turn a barely profitable company into a somewhat profitable company other than to set the walls on fire to stop paying that pesky wall tax. Jeff joins us to dive deep into this week’s just bananas happenings on an already dying hellscape that is Twitter.

Episode 185: The ZC Patron Saint of Twitter Fights

It’s an all out Twitter Smackdown tonight on Zero Credit(s), and the patron saint himself is stepping into the ring to reign down some well deserved justice. Ron Perlman is just a master at the sport, and it’s an honor and a privilege to watch him work. Then we jump down the conspiracy hole for way, way too long and realize the truth about the culture wars being waged in this country. Did Zack Synder create COVID-19 to be able to recut his movie? Not entirely sure. Who knows. All I know is BEASTWARS KICKED ASS.

Episode 129: The Twitter Mysteries (ft. Jeff)

John’s out on vacation so it’s up to Henry to save this podcast one last time. And he’s getting too old for this sh*t, so the agency assigns him a partner. Now we all know that Henry is a rule abiding, by-the-book cop, so it’s a bit of a curveball when he’s assigned to young-gun rookie straight out of the academy of bloodlust, Jeff. It’s a roaring good time for the whole family, just as long as you all have the same political beliefs and feelings about politicians using Twitter. It’s all here and more in this hour and a half special of Zero Credit(s).


Note: We used Zencastr to record this interview-styled podcast and it had a few kinks that we didn’t know until after the recording. You may notice Jeff’s mic cut-out for absolutely no reason when I happen to talk over him. We have since fixed this, but we could not apply it retroactively, so it still persists in this episode. Future interview episodes should be fine though.

Episode 93: Deep Dives into Dark Times

Gone are the lighthearted days of Black Panther and snippets of longer conversations about Monster Hunter. They have been replaced by a general anxiety of a (at the time) at large serial bomber terrorizing the city of Austin. Curtain aside, we recorded a segment on the Austin bombings on Tuesday and said bomber was apprehended (so to speak) in the early morning hours of Wednesday. We decided to still run the segment as a “moment out of time” sort of look at what living in a terrorized city feels like. Okay, curtain back, Facebook is heavily involved in Russian data-buying schemes, so delete your Facebook (app) and revel in these crazy often Russian tampered times. How do we be happy in these crazy times? Let’s listen to two somewhat depressed people who read about philosophy as a means of trying to find meaning in their lives try to make sense of happiness and these crazy times. That’s… a mouthful… but isn’t that what Zero Credit(s) is all about? Isn’t it? Someone tell me.