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Episode 19: (Hung)OverCast

After a night of fun and friends, those ZC boys head into the recording studio to knock out a drowsy episode of that time honored podcast you love and know all too well. Here they discuss the finer things of parentheses, world building, and the nuances that go into preparing for a show while on air. Better Call some Nice Guys, cause you’ll need them to get through the cloudy haze of discourse that is this week’s What Did You Watch? Then, some fan mail! And it’s all wrapped when our lovable hosts light themselves on fire and hit the submit button, forever cementing this episode in the annals of “Things That Happened.”

Here’s your link: Episode 19: (Hung)OverCast

Featuring music by Kevin MacLeod at   

Episode 18: Dear Listeners, John’s Sorry

It’s a doozy this week, folks as we start a journey into the inner-geek/philosophers of those no-good Zero Credit(s) boys. What begins as a minor discussion of the finer nuances of holding a door open for another person devolves quickly into a brief millennial bashing before we skip off to the merry fields of glory and storytelling that is Dungeons and Dragons. *Commercial Break* Then join hands and jump right off the Cliff of Reason as we fall headlong into the wondrous cavern of What is art? What is art, listener? What is it. Tell us. We’re dying to know. We’d kill to find out. Murder.

Link to an Episode: Dear Listeners, John’s Sorry

Featuring music by Kevin MacLeod over at Incompetech.

Episode 17: Yep, That’s How I Got My Gamecube

We promised it, and we (eventually) delivered it. The Zero Credit(s) crew hops into the Wayback Machine to pull some content, kicking and screaming, into the harsh light of day. We discuss Young John’s opinions about both women and LEGO, and we are left flabbergasted by the sheer poesy of Young Henry. Remember what they say: liquor before wine and you’ll feel fine, see a fire-breathing hippo outside of your window surrounded by bloody crow feathers and you get sick quicker. One is all it takes to change your lifestyle, so make this your one podcast. Champ.

Featuring music by Kevin MacLeod at Incompetech.

Here’s a link: Episode 17: Yep, That’s How I Got My Gamecube

Episode 16: The One Where Henry Never Asks How John’s Day Was

Buckle up those spectacles, folks, cause Zero Credits gets weirdly deep thinking this week, featuring the most tangent-filled What Are We Doing segment to exist since the dawn of time (relative to the podcast). Paint by the numbers essays, art, science, and misguided thoughts are all parts of an equally confusing octopus-like conversation before we decent into the largest literature question of the 20th century and Daredevil. Tell me listener, is the Author dead, and if so, is it because the Punisher was out for revenge? Only in the end do we understand that Chemtrails tell us to do everything we do and say everything we say. Chemtrails wrote this description. Chemtrails made you read it. Chemtrails. Chemtrails.