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Supplemental Reading: The Batman (2022)

Adding its cowl to the ring to join a longstanding tradition of films about the caped crusader, The Batman (2022) directed by Matt Reeves is certainly a movie. We can say that for sure. Now is it a movie worth watching? Yes, yes it is. We can also say that for sure. A fresh take on the oft-time filmed hero, The Batman mixes the high stakes of a superhero movie with the by-the-books methodology of a police procedural to deliver a wholly fresh take on the dark knight, well, fresh for a movie that is. I say that because while there have been many films about Batman and the various takes on the character from the overly campy to the overly grimdark, somehow we’ve never focused on the detective aspect of the Detective Comics character until now. These thoughts and more, all right here, on the Zero Credit(s) Supplemental Reading of The Batman.

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Episode 254: Speeding Up Jason Bateman Because of Shrinkflation

The ZC Boys are out of sorts this week due to various l i f e happenings, but they manage to get it together to present a somewhat coherent episode with plenty of good moments. John laments his past mistakes and confesses that the Shamrock shake absolutely does have mint in it and Henry randomly talks about the Dr. Pepper Shake from Whataburger­­­. We then launch into the meat of the episode, covering the practice known as Shrinkflation before deep diving back into Disney Pixar’s Turning Red and the criticism it elicits. We’ve got it all, plus Jason Bateman, right here on Zero Credit(s).

Episode 253: A Red Panda and a Nine Tailed Fox Spirit Walk into a Bar

This week, we’ve got some bad news out of Japan that could very well spell trouble for the entire world and some very, very bad takes from some movie critics. Also of note is an update on the cultural dog piling on Russia. I’m sure there’s more but I’m on a phone trying to post this episode, so.

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Episode 252: They Took Away His Blackbelt

Last week we made the executive decision to not discuss Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, largely because it hadn’t happened yet when we were recording. This week, we decide to not discuss the warfare aspect as it seemed distasteful. What we are talking about is the absolute dogpiling on Russia that’s taking place across the world and internet. Also, John finally figures out what he’s allergic to and more, all right here on Zero Credit(s).