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Episode 30: Laser Guided Focus

It’s new episode time and just as always, me, the episode detail writer remembered to actually write the description in time and in no way am I writing this seconds before the episode goes live. Now, John and Henry have decided to make good on one of their promises and tapping into the latest technology known as LASERS have produced a super focused, on-topic episode filled with new segments. The Olympics, Lochtes, and our problems fill the time with glee and joy and Questions From You With Statements From Us. It’s so focused, it’ll be over before you know it and all thanks to state-of-the-art, honest-to-goodness LASERS. HAPPY 30 EPISODES. Enjoy!

Link: Episode 30: Laser Guided Focus

Featuring music by the incredible Kevin MacLeod from 

Episode 29: Just Can’t Get Enough (Postmodernism)

Hei there, listeners, and welcome to the newest episode of Zero Credit(s). This fresh and lively episode is packed to the gills (gross) with information about modernism, postmodernism, and onsen monkeys. While we struggle with to get our microphone working, John struggles with his own identity as a performer while assembling meaning from Henry’s recollection of philosophical movements, which is fine. With What Did You Watch put on temporary hiatus, Henry talks about video games and somehow they still manage to ruin it by caring about poor people and gag laws (gross). Gimme the video games. Yummy for me, Description Writer. Shop at Whole Foods.

Link: Episode 29: Just Can’t Get Enough (Postmodernism)

Featuring music by Kevin MacLeod at Incompetech

Supplemental Reading: Stranger Things

**This video contains spoilers for the hit Netflix series Stranger Things**

In the distant year of 1983, a podcast disappeared and a small town in Indiana? the continental Midwest worked tirelessly to investigate what exactly a podcast was and if they should care that it disappeared. That podcast was us, (you know, Zero Credit(s)) and we’ve just made it back from a dark, empty place where figures moved in the distance. We’re ready to tell all about our experiences there, where there was a television and an internet connection, allowing us to watch the Netflix series Stranger Things. We’ve promoted it on our Twitter and even emailed ourselves about it, so let’s buckle up, throw on a wig, and get down to business with some bear traps: This is Stranger Things. 

Link: Supplemental Reading: Stranger Things

Featuring music by A Drop A Day. Find his music here.

Episode 28: We Need Memes for the Children

Hey Zero Creditors, John here. Today’s episode is a real special one. Despite being forbidden from discussing Disney Pixar’s perennial masterpiece “Cars,” Henry and I still find some way to entertain. First, we race over to a new segment called “What the,” which really gets our motors running. Forty years ago, that interstate down there didn’t exist, and neither did big budget DC superhero movies directed by Jack Snyder and Not-Zack Snyder. While it may not be a very famous racecar like Lightning McQueen, Maddi’s Segment of Segmented Things still manages to win the race. Luigi follow only the Ferraris. Look out! A sharp left turn into EMAIL CURVE! Boom! Crash! Harry Potter! Float like a Cadillac, sting like a Beemer on this week’s episode of Zero Credit(s)!

Link: Episode 28: We Need Memes for the Children

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