Episode 29: Just Can’t Get Enough (Postmodernism)

Hei there, listeners, and welcome to the newest episode of Zero Credit(s). This fresh and lively episode is packed to the gills (gross) with information about modernism, postmodernism, and onsen monkeys. While we struggle with to get our microphone working, John struggles with his own identity as a performer while assembling meaning from Henry’s recollection of philosophical movements, which is fine. With What Did You Watch put on temporary hiatus, Henry talks about video games and somehow they still manage to ruin it by caring about poor people and gag laws (gross). Gimme the video games. Yummy for me, Description Writer. Shop at Whole Foods.

Link: Episode 29: Just Can’t Get Enough (Postmodernism)

Featuring music by Kevin MacLeod at Incompetech