Supplemental Reading: Stranger Things

**This video contains spoilers for the hit Netflix series Stranger Things**

In the distant year of 1983, a podcast disappeared and a small town in Indiana? the continental Midwest worked tirelessly to investigate what exactly a podcast was and if they should care that it disappeared. That podcast was us, (you know, Zero Credit(s)) and we’ve just made it back from a dark, empty place where figures moved in the distance. We’re ready to tell all about our experiences there, where there was a television and an internet connection, allowing us to watch the Netflix series Stranger Things. We’ve promoted it on our Twitter and even emailed ourselves about it, so let’s buckle up, throw on a wig, and get down to business with some bear traps: This is Stranger Things. 

Link: Supplemental Reading: Stranger Things

Featuring music by A Drop A Day. Find his music here.