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Episode 285: Best/Worst 2022

Movies, Video Games, TV Shows, and 7 randomly selected suggestions from you dear Fams. It is time again to deliberate the Best and Worst of the year. What shall remain? What shall be cast aside? Will we ever watch Andor? All this and more is at least talked about. Happy Holidays to all, and a Happy New Year. We’ll see you in 2023.

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Episode 284: Woke Critics and Chili’s Cynics

We recorded this episode on Sunday, so excuse the bright and early energy we bring. We’ve got a World Cupdate, our last before the big final match as well as a slew of video game news for ya this week before launching into a defense of one of Austin’s oldest and best kept secrets: the Chili’s at 45th and Lamar. Best Worst is next week, so be prepared to lose the things you love (and hate), right here on Zero Credit(s).

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Episode 283: david/matilda

We’ve got another World Cupdate for you this week and something very special. While John tries to convey a new development in the AI Chat Bot/Stack Overflow world, Henry stumbles on something new. Something powerful. You’ll just have to see for yourself by listening, and we’re sorry in advance! It happens all right here, on Zero Credit(s).

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Episode 282: It’s Giving Slow Talk

We’re back from the holidays and both are our stomachs tired on this episode of Zero Credit(s). Crazy things are happening, but we’re going to step away from the chaos a bit to celebrate the absolute glow-up of one of the patron saints of Zero Credit(s), Edgar Dworsky, the man behind We’ve got that, plus the president’s actions have made us upset?! Really?! Because the office of the president for some reason is backing corporations instead of workers?! We are shocked?! AND a World Cup Update (Cupdate, if you will), all right here on Zero Credit(s).