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Banner Image for Episode 282: It's Giving Slow Talk

Episode 282: It’s Giving Slow Talk

We’re back from the holidays and both are our stomachs tired on this episode of Zero Credit(s). Crazy things are happening, but we’re going to step away from the chaos a bit to celebrate the absolute glow-up of one of the patron saints of Zero Credit(s), Edgar Dworsky, the man behind Mouseprint.org. We’ve got that, plus the president’s actions have made us upset?! Really?! Because the office of the president for some reason is backing corporations instead of workers?! We are shocked?! AND a World Cup Update (Cupdate, if you will), all right here on Zero Credit(s).

Banner Image for Episode 272: The Fall of Dark Brandon

Episode 272: The Fall of Dark Brandon

It’s August 31st and you know what that means. That’s right, it’s officially fall. Gone are the hot 100+ degree days of summer and here are the [checks thermometer] 99 degree days of the fall season. Pumpkin spice is in the air as are so many cloves. And this fall, it seems a certain President of the United States is on a tear – finally doing some of the things he should have been doing the entire time. That and John explores the cultural phenomenon of “quiet quitting.” It’s all right here, on Zero Credit(s).

Episode 160: Do Crimes

After a long two-week hiatus, the boys are stuffed like turkeys with that capital G, capital C Good Content. We’ve got your weekly Fast and Furious update, some promises to do a Best/Worst 2019 that may or may not happen, and a whole lot more before we inevitably dive into the supreme joke that is American politics. Joe Biden is making speeches again and boy does it just tickle John’s fancy. The moral of the story: Do Crimes. Just go out and Do some Crimes. Crimes are the future. Do them today*.


*In no way does Zero Credits endorse or support the Doing of Crimes from a legally actionable standpoint. Please do not sue us.