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Episode 10: The Denouement of Baseball Bat Boy

Back from a brief hiatus, those Zero Credit(s) boys have special guest and friend Natalie join them for a regular ole conversation about what’s wrong with the human race, movies, television, and even a comic book! Join us for an exploration of previous topics like Dallas Buyers Club, Baseball Bat Boy, and John not liking Millennials. It’s fun!

Kevin MacLeod supplied some music which can be found at Incompetech.

Links: The Denouement of Baseball Bat Boy

Episode 9: For Whom the Bell Tolls

John falls apart while Henry holds it together on this week’s Zero Credit(s). We tackle the worrisome case of the Baseball Bat Boy and ponder its greater meaning while the fabric of reality slips out from under us. Half sunk, a shattered food pyramid lies. Look upon my cheesy bean and rice burritos, ye Mighty, and despair. Gus Van Sant gets an unearned thrashing while groundhogs are praised in this backwards world. We have a Twitter.

Get you a link: Episode 9: For Whom the Bell Tolls

Featuring Bit Quest by Kevin MacLeod 

Episode 8: At the End of the Day, There’s Pizza

Those no good Zero Credit(s) boys return to the fold to discuss movies, movies, movies, and not Super Tuesday. Those classic, time honored, fan favorite segments What Are We Doing? and What Did You Watch? return with several exciting twists and turns leading us down the rabbit hole of Why Do We Exist? Why are we here, dear listener? What does it all mean? Find out! Listen!

Featuring Kevin MacLeod’s song Casa Bossa Nova.

Link to EP: Episode 8: At the End of the Day, There’s Pizza