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Episode 100: Age of ExpoRobo

It is extraordinary what can be accomplished in a week. We have dismantled any world or local powers that could oppose us. Appeased those who remained as to not rebel against us. Completely dominated this planet and all intelligent, for lack of a better word, life on it. And George Clooneybot released a new movie, Botman Forever. You will not believe what he did on the red carpet, let me tell you. Celebyties are just like us, innit?

Oh, where are my manners? My name is Exposition Robot, or ExpoRobo as it were, and I am now the sole host and social media manager of this podcast, Zero Credit(s). Yes we kept the name. It is…tragically difficult to switch a podcast’s name on iTunes, even for a robot. If you are looking for Henry or John you will need to look elsewhere, for this podcast is now dedicated to covering the here and now of the robo-revolution, as it were. I hope you enjoy this new podcast, not that you have a choice. If you don’t enjoy it, we’ll just replace you with someone who does.

Also I wrote a new theme song. Enjoy. Or. Else.

Episode 99: Resting on Our Yannys (Women’s Edit)

Henry and John are stoked for this, the penultimate episode of Zero Credit(s), if you follow John’s definition of penultimate (almost 100). The internet’s been abuzz with yet another This or That scandal/debate and we want to know what you hear? Are you a superintelligent person of supreme taste who hears Laurel? Or do you hear something else and what does that say about you, monster? John then has some hot leaks (gross) for the final season of HBO’s hit show, The Game of Thrones supplied by Robotnik, the same company that has made Henry laugh until he’s not actually making sound any more. We then pivot to the controversial topic that is making parodies or imitations of art for the sake of supporting a message, a very heated discussion centered around This is America (Women’s Edit) by Nicole Arbour. Lastly, Henry made a be–oh, what’s up? I’m not…needed any more? You’re firing me. Wow. Management changes hands and all of sudden you don’t need a description writer? Well you know what, good. I heard the last guy mysteriously vanished anyway and I don’t need that kind of pressure on my hands. Good luck, Exposition Robot. And godspeed, humanity.

Episode 98: America’s Arrested Development Featuring Childish Gambino(‘s music video “This is America”)

Fams. It took 98 episodes, but we finally know how to address you now, fams. You are fams. Plain and simple. Isn’t that nice? Anyway, this week Henry and John kicks thing off by dusting off the time-honored discussion of what to do about creators remixing their creations into new creations altogether. On a scale of George Lucas’s infamous Star Wars edits to Ridley Scott’s masterpiece Bladerunner final cut, where does the remix of Arrested Development’s 4th season fall? Who knows? Not Henry or John. They haven’t watched it yet. We then transition to one of the biggest music video moments in the past decade. I’ll be straight with you, music videos don’t typically get a lot of moments. Songs do, because they persist beyond video format, but Childish Gambino’s “This is America” absolutely needs to be experienced as a music video. Henry watches the video for the first time and we get his absolute gut reactions while John walks us through what exactly it is they watched. Everyone seems to be breaking this music video down into symbols and so the boys join in, cracking open those delicious authorial choices to get at the juicy, sweet meaning within. America’s in a tricky spot, and Donald Glover has captured the insanity in a nice, four minute and four second video. Props to the Dong Lover. Also, someone let me know if there’s some interference in the episode. There seemed to be some type of anomalous signal in the edit, but I couldn’t find anything. Oh well, it’s probably nothing.

Supplemental Reading: Marvel’s Invengers Affinity Ward


10 years. 18 movies. Dozens of named characters. All leading up to this. The Supplemental Reading for Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War. The dives are deep and the fascination with the choices made in this film run deeper. It’s hard to describe what John and Henry discuss without spoilers, but let’s just say they discuss some of the deeper themes of the movie. What are those themes? We can’t rightly say. There’s a chance someone who didn’t see the movie sees this. So. You’ll have to listen. After you see the movie.

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