Monthly Archives: November 2016

Episode 40: Coolsgiving

Hey there dedicated fans! It’s Thanksgiving in the Zero Credit(s) household, or well, really it’s not. Thanksgiving is for families and we’re more of a loosely constructed conglomerate of coolness, so we’re wishing you one hip Coolsgiving instead. Let’s all give Cool Thanks to the things we enjoy most, that also happen to be cool. (Description writer here, I forgot the notepad, so I’ll have to guess what else is in the episode, don’t tell John or Henry. They can’t read inside parentheses so they won’t know I said this). We then transition into another cool segment and then another one. Probably involving like movies or I don’t know, art? It’s a good episode. It’s one for the holidays. Gobble it up.

Episode 39: We Live in the Swouth

The moratorium on political discussion in the Zero Credit(s) offices remains lifted just long enough for a post-mortem to the 2016 presidential election to slink in. Freed from their obligation to remain timely or relevant, the boys discuss Satanism (or symbols which may imply Satanism) for a time. Then, Henry squanders his one chance at time travel to resurrect a long dead segment just for a chance to discuss Dan Harmon’s Anomalisa. To close out the evening, an otherwise innocuous listener topic descends into an examination of ironic consumerism. Strap on your mildly interesting hats. It’s time.

Episode 38: With Your Bestest Frowned

This episode begins with a tale of two intros, as we can’t claim to predict the future. We then dive into the horrible world of politics, maybe for the last time, as big things shake up our questionable nation. Let it be known, we do show bias here, some for comedy and some for real. We never claimed to be journalists. We then dive into a new segment known as Mystical Magical Bullshit, where John poses us a question to ponder while also supplying all the knowledge that we need to be able to answer the question. Then the episode kind of just devolves into World War Z and video games, because like, man, we were kind of apprehensive for what was to come. Give it a listen. We hope to make you laugh or think or something. If you like it, share it. And know we will be back next week with an even better episode, because of the battle of trying to get people to be more informed will never end, just like the ceaseless release of movies, books, and video games (and I suppose music, too).