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Episode 251: It’s an Entire Bag

Look, there’s a lot going on in the world today and it’s definitely rubbing up against the Zeitgeist. Normally, we love stuff like that, but at this particular time, we here at Zero Credit(s) do not feel adequately equipped to discuss war, other than to say, it’s bad and those who start wars should not be supported. So instead of getting bogged down in things that are over our head, please enjoy the next botnik written book Harry Potter and the Little Prince. We talk about other things, but really we just want to entertain in this dismal, dumb time. Be well, everyone, right here on Zero Credit(s).

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Episode 250: An ARG Arc Arch

Six years in the making, 249 episodes in the mainline series, it is time for Zero Credit(s) to enter its next phase. Episode 250 is a return to form and an unleashing of raw, pent up frustration of the state of the world through the lens of critiquing commercials. That time honored Zero Credit(s) pass time of reviewing Big Game commercials is here, along with some general talk of the future. Henry and John are in rare form, and there’s not been a stronger episode in years. It’s here for you, dear Fams. We hope you enjoy the end of season five.


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Episode 249: Belfast and Dog Young

It’s Oscars time again and boy are trying to care. Why not talk about things a little more relevant like trying to buy a home while being a millennial. It’s tough. Investment properties are taking up all the homes. Also Spirit and Frontier Airlines are merging. Lots of fun and so much shade is thrown this episode of Zero Credit(s). Next episode is 250. Stay tuned for how it all begins again.

Oh and art is back!

Episode 248: Neil Young et al vs Joe Rogan and Dwayne Johnson

Texas being iced over doesn’t mean the podcast can stop, so we’re rolling right along in our continuing coverage of the spotify battleground that is Neil Young vs Joe Rogan. A lot has happened since we first covered this story last week, but who will come out the victor in this battle of titans? Also, a bunch of surprising guests are joining the fray. I wonder what the world will look like when the dust settles… Let’s find out, this week on an icy* Zero Credit(s).


*Episode was recorded way before the icy conditions hit Texas and therefore they will not be mentioned during the episode.
**Disclaimer: Due to lack of access, there is no art for this episode. We apologize if this detracts from your listening experience.