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Episode 249: Belfast and Dog Young

It’s Oscars time again and boy are trying to care. Why not talk about things a little more relevant like trying to buy a home while being a millennial. It’s tough. Investment properties are taking up all the homes. Also Spirit and Frontier Airlines are merging. Lots of fun and so much shade is thrown this episode of Zero Credit(s). Next episode is 250. Stay tuned for how it all begins again.

Oh and art is back!

Episode 89: Zero Credit(s) 2 Year Anniversary Show AKA Flambeaux: First Blood Part II

Lessmumblemumbleroolay, listeners, because it’s Mardi Gras time in the Zero Credit(s) studio! The furniture’s been put up and the recording space has been converted, for one night only, into the happeningest fais do-do around. Henry’s working up a pot of his famous étouffée, while John is cutting a rug with a blistering do-si-do, so bring your best alligator crawfish because things are about to go Bourbon Street St. Louis Cathedral paddle boat. The Boys dig into the history of Fat Tuesday and give you a summary and big and majestic as the National World War II Museum. Eventually, Henry and John then get into the real reason for the season: it’s the anniversary of Zero Credit(s)! They share all of their favorite memories (which are mostly about other people) and dream of episodes to come. Fan boat zydeco. You are then treated to a deep-dive into the inherent darkness of Millennial humor through the vehicle of laundry pods. Gumbo Harry Connick Jr. Tip your fire-people, dream big, and don’t eat the baby (because he’s Jesus), it’s Zero Credit(s)!


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Episode 78: Seizing the Means of Consumption

After a long, fright-filled month of spooky terrors, the ZC Boys are back with some regular ole, but still Good, Content. Trevor may have mysteriously vanished but the podcast rolls on, as Henry and John discuss what they’re doing in the podcast and why they’re doing it while they’re doing it in a State of the Podcast segment that answers all your deep, burning questions. John then starts mocking Henry’s thirst for understanding meme culture and that quickly transitions into a discussion questioning the existence of rich millennials. Then John gets like really, really mad. Like really mad. I mean, it was a little scary. Not Frightentimes levels, but man. Don’t get John mad and don’t make claims for the sake of starting a conversation when there’s clearly evidence out there about the very “conversation” you want to start. Anyway, that does it for me, Clara, the new official ZC Intern.