Episode 78: Seizing the Means of Consumption

After a long, fright-filled month of spooky terrors, the ZC Boys are back with some regular ole, but still Good, Content. Trevor may have mysteriously vanished but the podcast rolls on, as Henry and John discuss what they’re doing in the podcast and why they’re doing it while they’re doing it in a State of the Podcast segment that answers all your deep, burning questions. John then starts mocking Henry’s thirst for understanding meme culture and that quickly transitions into a discussion questioning the existence of rich millennials. Then John gets like really, really mad. Like really mad. I mean, it was a little scary. Not Frightentimes levels, but man. Don’t get John mad and don’t make claims for the sake of starting a conversation when there’s clearly evidence out there about the very “conversation” you want to start. Anyway, that does it for me, Clara, the new official ZC Intern.