Monthly Archives: May 2024

Episode 342: Delve, Hoover, Peg

What’s that, the AI people are doing something dumb again? Well you know John’s there getting all the details. Henry’s got a small Godzilla update and then it’s straight onto the Highway to the Hellhouse. A new movie. A new announcement. What’s going on? Find out right here on Zero Credit(s).

Episode 341: Let Me Call Walt Disney Real Quick

We’re so back this week with some lightning round headline round up. Boeing whistleblowers, Helldivers 2 scandals, and a rap battle for the ages. That plus a lightning round Highway to the Hellhouse where we dive into some of the best news for each candidate. Your number one delayed news source is here, on Zero Credit(s).

Episode 340: Kayfabe On/Off – John Doxxes Himself

As part of a special Highway to the Hellhouse lead-in, John takes the unprecedented step to reveal his true identity. It’s really insane that he did this. Like truly, truly mind blowing. I never thought we’d see the day, but here it is. That and some juicy Rock gossip, right here on Zero Credit(s).