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Episode 342: Delve, Hoover, Peg

What’s that, the AI people are doing something dumb again? Well you know John’s there getting all the details. Henry’s got a small Godzilla update and then it’s straight onto the Highway to the Hellhouse. A new movie. A new announcement. What’s going on? Find out right here on Zero Credit(s).

Episode 339: John Had a Lot of Fun on This One

When I tell you that Henry was unprepared for this episode, let it be known that he had prepared topics to discuss but it was all thrown out as soon as John joined the call. Tesla, some Trump related Highway to the Hellhouse news, and some shady uses of AI are coming at you, as well as a lot of things John has in store, right here on Zero Credit(s).

Episode 328: Hatsune Miku Will Return in Fast 11

Live long enough to die a hero or become a villain, that’s what they say and boy if they aren’t right. We’ve gone some disheartening news about Fast and Furious and some hilarious but disparaging news about the ever increasing use cases for AI. That and less, right here on Zero Credit(s).

Episode 327: Do Better

As we continue to kick off the new year, we’ve got new beef. Patties. John’s got a new AI toy and we’ve got new AI gripes, plus the Rock keeps lying about going to In-N-Out for the first time. That and we go over some of the new public domain materials due to the new year, right here on Zero Credit(s).

Banner Image for 302: Disney Vs Desantis

Episode 302: Disney vs DeSantis

It’s a crazy week and we’ve got a lot to talk about. Fake AI generated images generating too much buzz on the internet. Fake verified profiles propagating even faker news to be picked up by actual news sources. Two powerhouses of Florida taking each other on in a knock-down, drag-out fight to the death. We’ve got that plus more, all right here on Zero Credit(s).

Banner Image for Episode 299: We Are (NOT) the Rainey Street Drowner

Episode 299: We Are (NOT) the Rainey Street Drowner

Contrary to what John might say, we are not the Rainey Street Drowner, largely because that just doesn’t exist. We discuss the current rumors of an Austin based serial killer, dive into some more of that sweet, sweet AI buzz with a Grimes related incident, and round things off with a stop at the modern day Pinkerton Agency. All that and more, right here on Zero Credit(s).