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Banner Image for Episode 299: We Are (NOT) the Rainey Street Drowner

Episode 299: We Are (NOT) the Rainey Street Drowner

Contrary to what John might say, we are not the Rainey Street Drowner, largely because that just doesn’t exist. We discuss the current rumors of an Austin based serial killer, dive into some more of that sweet, sweet AI buzz with a Grimes related incident, and round things off with a stop at the modern day Pinkerton Agency. All that and more, right here on Zero Credit(s).

Banner Image for Episode 242: Featuring the Best Rhyme of the Podcast

Episode 242: Featuring the Best Rhyme of the Podcast

Well, the nights are growing…somehow warmer, here in Texas, but longer all the same. The Honda Days are upon us and in that revelry, we have a very fun news of the weird local piece to regale you with, hopefully. We then pivot briefly into a feel good story of nature before devolving back into Spider-Man talk. Next episode will be Best/Worst 2021, so buckle up and get ready, cause it’s coming for you. Happy Honda Days everyone!

Banner Image for Episode 230: I Might Have Eaten the D

Episode 230: I Might Have Eaten the D

We’re back on track with Henry at the wheel for this week’s episode of Zero Credit(s) and the first stop is Taco Bell. Henry’s never had Taco Bell before, and John’s very interested in talking about that. Is the Crunch Wrap Supreme too dry, or Henry just a failure at eating Taco Bell? The world may legitimately never know. Then it’s on to the big question of the week – Will Austin City Limits Music Festival actually happen? We’re one month out and the special event permit has yet to be issued by the city and with covid cases on the rise, it’s a pretty serious question. We explore all angles of the question this week on Zero Credit(s).

Episode 115: Drunk Midterms Live-ish

Spoiler alert, we get political.

It’s election night in America and Henry and John are champing at the bit to spit their particular political opinions all over your ears. Yeah, it’s gross. This is politics. It tends to get gross. Nothing is held back. Political parties are dropped into pits. Politicians are dragged across the coals. Candidates are lifted up the mountain to be dropped off the other side. Voting is the real battlefield and the war zone is littered with the corpses of democracy. And at the center of this is a healthy serving of “fuck Ted Cruz” dished up by your local artisan rant-chef John. The boys are drinkin’ and thinkin’ and the Zeitgeist is a horrible demon to have on your shoulder when politics rolls around.

But fear not, my child-fams. There is a shining beacon of hope in all this darkness. Shrek is getting rebooted. And there’s nothing more pure in the world than an ogre voiced by Mike Myers.

Episode 90: John’s Guide to Austin, Texas

Greetings traveler and welcome to here, the Portland of Texas, Austin, Texas. John’s got all the hot tips and the secrets of this here city of Texas Angels and he’s split them up into four distinct quadrants. Come on down to Downtown Austin, Texas or over to East Austin, Texas or even The Domain. Come debate over whether or not Central Austin is a thing that actually exists or not. We’ve. Got. It. All. We even have weird dives into the latest politically themed dating sites that seem oddly restrictive and weirdly accepting. Only in Austin can you find people calling for the repeal of the Dickey Amendment, no seriously please call your representative and tell them you are interested in repealing the Dickey Amendment. In the center of Austin you find the center of everything and right next to that, you can find yourself. Your reason for being. Call it Ikigai. Call it raison d’être. Just don’t call it late for supper. It’s a lighthearted romp through Austin with several heavy handed messages on here, the one, the only Zero Credit(s). Here.


Episode 82: Spoilers for Everything from 30 Years Ago aka Now We Riffin’

It’s that time again, listeners. Henry and John are firing up the Best/Worst machine by generating this year’s categories. Before that, though, H-Man & J-Ohn still haven’t quite shaken this most recent bout of Austin Bit Sickness, but they attempt to press on regardless. What’s the underlying narrative formula of Dragon Ball Z? The Boys sure as heck try to find out during an impromptu segment that last DOZENS OF MINUTES! All this nonsense surrounds what should probably be a pretty austere and respectful discussion of the 2017 The Inner Mind’s Eye Person of the Year issue. If you can’t stand the spoilers, get out of the kitchen. The kitchen is this week’s episode of Zero Credit(s)! Sorry!


Episode 81: A Most Quarrelsome Quadrant

You’ve been waiting for it, listeners. And it’s here. It’s finally, finally here. Henry and John are in the same geographic location and it is GETTING HOG CRAZY IN HERE. A manic spirit has inhabited the body of John, and that spirit (you guessed it) is the Spirit of Adventure. Now, free from the bindings of anonymity, Henry and John openly discuss their city of residence. Does that mean you can mail them pictures you took of their house? Yeah! It’s an Austin-centric episode, where the boys discuss almost nothing but the fastest (?) growing city (?) in America (?). The boys cover it all: traffic. So join us on this week’s episode of Zero Credit(s) and Keep It Sebulba.