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Banner Image for Episode 297: dorp

Episode 297: dorp

We’re lost in the haze of bad days, tired and beaten up by the going on’s of life. If only there were some type of…good guy…out there, with like…mythical and/or biblical strength…who knows street smart stuff and is like newly battled. Someone should really write a song about that and use it in a bunch of movies. Or not. We’ve got that and less, right here on Zero Credit(s).

Episode 115: Drunk Midterms Live-ish

Spoiler alert, we get political.

It’s election night in America and Henry and John are champing at the bit to spit their particular political opinions all over your ears. Yeah, it’s gross. This is politics. It tends to get gross. Nothing is held back. Political parties are dropped into pits. Politicians are dragged across the coals. Candidates are lifted up the mountain to be dropped off the other side. Voting is the real battlefield and the war zone is littered with the corpses of democracy. And at the center of this is a healthy serving of “fuck Ted Cruz” dished up by your local artisan rant-chef John. The boys are drinkin’ and thinkin’ and the Zeitgeist is a horrible demon to have on your shoulder when politics rolls around.

But fear not, my child-fams. There is a shining beacon of hope in all this darkness. Shrek is getting rebooted. And there’s nothing more pure in the world than an ogre voiced by Mike Myers.