Monthly Archives: December 2020

Episode 205: Best/Worst 2020

It’s here, the last episode of 2020 and it’s time to render judgement unto the year and punish it for all its various crimes. Movies, television, and video games are the opening salvo before we dive into the wide world of listener suggestions. Will 2020 stand the test of time, or will it fall by the wayside and be forgotten forever? We hope it’s the latter, but the data’s what decides! Happy holidays and see you all next year in the grand future of 2021, where everything will be better???

Episode 204: Disney Marvels at All This Zack Snyder News

Look, it can no longer be denied. Zack Snyder is going to save cinema with his cut of Justice League. We all thought it was going to be Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, but that film was a false prophet that dragged cinema down into the dirt. Only Zack Snyder can pull off the movie event of the decade, neigh, the century to singlehandedly save the movie going experience. But no story is complete without a villain, an antagonist to stand in the way of our intrepid hero. Enter Disney, a media conglomerate that owns more properties than a Monopoly board. Disney is raising an army of quality content slated to come out in the next year to three years. Can the Snyder Cut stand up in the face of so much evil? Only time will tell, dear friends. Only time will tell.

Supplemental Reading: Better Luck Tomorrow

In 2002, MTV productions took a chance on Justin Lin and let him direct what is now a cult-classic coming of age story based in Southern California. Justin Lin would go on to direct episodes of the cult-classic Community before moving on to more mainstream projects such as Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift and doing such a great job that he’s been entrusted with bringing the franchise to an end. It all started with this little movie right here, the first canon Fast and Furious movie (although technically The Fast and the Furious came out in 2001, so it’s kind of like an Iron Man vs Incredible Hulk thing).

How is this movie? Well, we’re here to talk about it for over an hour to find out. Right here, on Zero Credit(s).

Episode 203: I Hope (the Monoliths are Coming)

It’s December now and that can only mean one thing: more monolith related news. That’s right, you thought we left this all behind in November? You were wrong. Something is happening across the world. Something to deal with monoliths. Find out what’s happening before it’s too late by listening to this episode and you may have a chance for whatever’s to come. Then Henry reads song lyrics to John for about an hour straight, which is pretty good, too. This is the December of our content. We hope you enjoy it.