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Episode 27: Shark-Infested Curses (Not Yet Sponsored by Netflix)

It was a normal day in the Zero Credit(s) house, but then John tripped an old lady who wanted bread and now we’re both cursed with the shark-infested task of bringing you this fresh, hot episode. John moves further up the chain at his new job and Henry loses his altogether due to the nature of seasonal work, leaving us wondering why aren’t curses more prominent in modern day film and television? Sharks. We then tread the waters of a tremendous Netflix themed What Did You Watch? where all is not quite what it seems. Will the 80’s inspired synth-creep, star-studded fame monster, who can’t figure out if he’s more horse than man or man than horse, finally end the cursed lives of our Zero Credit(s) heroes? Find out, click play, CHANGE YOUR LIFE, It’s Zero Credit(s) time!

Link: Episode 27: Shark-Infested Curses (Not Yet Sponsored by Netflix)

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Episode 26: Zero Credit(s) Presents: Combative Coos and Bellicose Babes

Deep in an underground bunker, protected from all forms of fact-checking and rhetorical accountability, Henry and John tackle the definition of life for about five minutes before discarding it and instead discuss the week’s hottest topics. They discuss and show you politics and plagiarism in your daily lives. That is a lesson that they continue to pass along to their son: Ghostbusters. And they need to pass those lessons on to the many generations of Julia Louis-Dreyfuses to follow. Because they want their Julias in this nation to know that the only limit to their achievements is the strength of their dreams and their willingness to be a deaf woman trapped in a house.

Link: Episode 26: Zero Credit(s) Presents: Combative Coos and Bellicose Babes

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Episode 25: Zero Credit(s) Go

Zero Credit(s) returns from a mountain to discuss the most important mobile phone app that has ever or will ever exist: Zero Credit(s) Go, the game where you walk around things. Catch topics like white water rafting, the beauty of Colorado, and, of course, Pokemon. Then it all turns into a pinata filled with bees as John whips out his tyrannical piece of paper. Introducing Epiphitize Me Cap’N, a segment in which John has realized. . .something, while Henry tires his hardest to derail everything out of sheer fear of the unknown. We also see a return of Fire the Literary Canon, in which everyone who has ever existed puts Moby Dick on notice. Your move, Melville. Come. Watch. Walk. Catch. It’s time to duel, Digifriends–this is Zero effin’ Credit(s). 

Link: Episode 25: Zero Credit(s) Go 

Episode 24: “Descartes Before Deshorse” or Henry’s Devious Paper

Welcome listeners, philosophers, and Russian computers to this episode of Zero Credit(s)! You braved the swamp of inexplicable depression and have found yourself thrust into the sunlight of mild contentment. This light falls on a land of Tetrilogies, intertextuality, and coding. As we all cope with life in a post-Schultz world, we comfort ourselves with some snappy walk-and-talk dialogue about the ease of getting into coding before we descend into a cool bath of What Did You Watch fluid. Dory just wants to tell the news, and the news is that she is delightful. Rounding out the episode is some good old Questions from You with Statements from Us, during which we divulge our most closely guarded secrets. This one’s a good’un folks. Strap in. Hold on. Get ready. Stay frosty. Okay Google, take me to podcast.

Link: Episode 24: “Descartes Before Deshorse” or Henry’s Devious Paper

Episode 23: The Sad Legend of McGinnis and Cromwell

A sad cloud moves into the Zero Credit(s) house and refuses to leave Henry or John alone, so buckle up for an anti-rousing diatribe against depressing business practices and job hunting woes. But first, let us learn of the somewhat confusing and totally not made up legend of Ralph McGinnis, who ventured forth to return a bag of marbles at a party and ended up defeating the devil by accident in a desert looking for treasure. It’s a grand ole time, complete with our first ever fan-art celebration corner, so come on down to the SadShack and enjoy the special of the day: PityPartyPatties.

Linkage: Episode 23: The Sad Legend of McGinnis and Cromwell

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