Episode 27: Shark-Infested Curses (Not Yet Sponsored by Netflix)

It was a normal day in the Zero Credit(s) house, but then John tripped an old lady who wanted bread and now we’re both cursed with the shark-infested task of bringing you this fresh, hot episode. John moves further up the chain at his new job and Henry loses his altogether due to the nature of seasonal work, leaving us wondering why aren’t curses more prominent in modern day film and television? Sharks. We then tread the waters of a tremendous Netflix themed What Did You Watch? where all is not quite what it seems. Will the 80’s inspired synth-creep, star-studded fame monster, who can’t figure out if he’s more horse than man or man than horse, finally end the cursed lives of our Zero Credit(s) heroes? Find out, click play, CHANGE YOUR LIFE, It’s Zero Credit(s) time!

Link: Episode 27: Shark-Infested Curses (Not Yet Sponsored by Netflix)

Featuring the musical styling of Kevin MacLeod at Incompetech.com