Episode 24: “Descartes Before Deshorse” or Henry’s Devious Paper

Welcome listeners, philosophers, and Russian computers to this episode of Zero Credit(s)! You braved the swamp of inexplicable depression and have found yourself thrust into the sunlight of mild contentment. This light falls on a land of Tetrilogies, intertextuality, and coding. As we all cope with life in a post-Schultz world, we comfort ourselves with some snappy walk-and-talk dialogue about the ease of getting into coding before we descend into a cool bath of What Did You Watch fluid. Dory just wants to tell the news, and the news is that she is delightful. Rounding out the episode is some good old Questions from You with Statements from Us, during which we divulge our most closely guarded secrets. This one’s a good’un folks. Strap in. Hold on. Get ready. Stay frosty. Okay Google, take me to podcast.

Link: Episode 24: “Descartes Before Deshorse” or Henry’s Devious Paper