Episode 25: Zero Credit(s) Go

Zero Credit(s) returns from a mountain to discuss the most important mobile phone app that has ever or will ever exist: Zero Credit(s) Go, the game where you walk around things. Catch topics like white water rafting, the beauty of Colorado, and, of course, Pokemon. Then it all turns into a pinata filled with bees as John whips out his tyrannical piece of paper. Introducing Epiphitize Me Cap’N, a segment in which John has realized. . .something, while Henry tires his hardest to derail everything out of sheer fear of the unknown. We also see a return of Fire the Literary Canon, in which everyone who has ever existed puts Moby Dick on notice. Your move, Melville. Come. Watch. Walk. Catch. It’s time to duel, Digifriends–this is Zero effin’ Credit(s). 

Link: Episode 25: Zero Credit(s) Go